The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 875

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 875

Some fragmented memories flashed across Barbara’s head. She felt that she had said something to Helios but couldn’t remember it!

Maisie brought Daisie and Colton to their car. Colton turned his head around to look at the young man and asked, “Why are you still following us, sir?”

The youth laughed dryly. Then, he collected himself, cleared his throat, and said in a serious manner, “1 think that since your sister is a child star, she has a lot of potential. She will have a bright future. I guarantee that she will be very popular when she grows up!”

Colton looked at him speechlessly.

The young man gave him his name card and said confidently, “I’ll wait until your sister comes of age. I’ll sign her and make her into a celebrity who’s even more famous than Mr. Boucher!”

Colton took over the name card and took a look at it. The name card read Zestar Media Corporation’s agent, Triden Gallagher

He did not throw the name card away even though the young man had already left but stuck it into his pocket.

After all, he might be able to use it in the future.

After they got into the car, Maisie asked: Who were you talking to just now?”

Colton answered honestly, “A talent scout. He has his eyes set on my sister, and he said he’ll wait until she grows up.”

While he was talking, he looked at Maisie and asked, “Mom, will you say no if Daisie wants to join the entertainment industry after she grows up?”

Maisie was stunned. She turned her head to look at Daisie and replied, “After Daisie grows up, she can do whatever she wants. I won’t interfere with her decision.”

Just when Colton was about to say something, his phone rang.

“It’s Grandpa.”

Colton answered the call, and Nicholas told them to return to the Goldmanns’ family estate to have dinner tomorrow. After all, Nolan’s birthday was just around the corner.

Maisie brought the kids back to the Goldmann mansion. The phone screen showed the message Barbara had sent 10 minutes ago


Maisie looked at her phone and chuckled. She replied: (What’s wrong? You’re not having a good time with Mr. Boucher?]

Barbara: (It’s so embarrassing…]

Barbara stood on the balcony and sent messages to Maisie. The memories in her head were getting more vivid, so she had no choice but to “escape” to the balcony.

Barbara: (Make sure you stop me when I want to drink wine in the future!

Maisie: (There’s nothing I can do if you want to drink wine. What’s wrong? Could it be that you did something to him when you]

Barbara: (No! It isn’t like what you think! I’m just worried that I might spew nonsense when I’m drunk!

She was confident that she had said something to Helios when she was drunk. However, on the day when they played truth or dare, she couldn’t remember anything at all about what she said to Helios when he sent her home.

She went back inside, and to her surprise, Helios had finished cleaning her living room,

She felt kind of embarrassed for him to do something like this for her.

“Mr. Boucher.”


Helios had rolled his sleeves up to the elbows. It seemed to her that he wouldn’t sweat after doing all the chores. He still

looked fresh and clean.

Barbara opened her mouth and said;” Thank you for your help today. I’ll treat you to a meal tonight.”

Helios looked at the kitchen and asked,” Are you going to cook?”

Barbara was stunned.

She looked toward the kitchen as well, and an awkward expression appeared on her face. Helios narrowed his eyes and asked,” Could it be that you don’t know how to cook?”

Barbara did not say anything.

Helios frowned. Have you been living on food delivery this whole time?”

Barbara fell silent

Soon, both of them went into the kitchen. Helios taught her how to prepare some ingredients while he took care of the rest. In the meantime Barbara did not feel comfortable letting Helios do all the work, so she did her best to help. Her kitchen was always sparkling clean. She had all the cooking utensils, but she had never cooked before.


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