The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 876

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 876

What surprised Barbara was that Helios could actually cook.

“You… Don’t the Bouchers usually have servants?” Barbara stood beside him and asked curiously, “Do you still need to cook for yourself?”

Helios answered while beating the eggs, “I seldom go home when I’m filming. I usually stay outside together with the crew, so I’ll cook whatever I want to eat. I’ve slowly picked up the skill over the course of my career.”

Barbara clenched her hand into a fist, placed it in front of her lips, and cleared her throat faintly. “That’s not shabby at all. At least, you’ll survive even when you’re living away from your family.”

Helios poured the eggs into the bowl and stared at her. “I can teach you if you want to learn.”

Barbara managed to come up with two dishes under Helios’s guidance, although the appearance of the dishes did not look good.

Compared to what Helios brought out of the kitchen, hers looked more like two bowls of concoctions that came straight out of a fairytale in which witchcraft was a thing.

When the dishes were served on the dining table, Barbara felt that the dishes she had cooked looked really embarrassing, so she moved the two dishes to the side. “I think we shouldn’t try these two dishes for our own sake.”

Seeing that Helios had inserted his fork into one of the bowls and picked up its content, Barbara stopped him. “Hey.”

However, he had already taken a bite and started coughing violently before Barbara could react to it.

“I knew it.

Barbara lowered her gaze and forced a smile. “I told you not to try it. It’s unpalatable, isn’t it?”

Helios frowned, but instead of spitting it out, he swallowed it. After a while, he asked, “How much salt did you add?”

She was startled. “Didn’t you say a spoonful?”

Helios recalled that when she had asked him how much salt she should add when they were in the kitchen, he did respond to her question with “a spoonful”.

‘But my spoonful measurement was made based on the size of a teaspoon, did she…

Helios’ face stiffened as he held something back. “Did you use the spoon that I asked you to use together with the cooking spatula to ease your cooking process when you were measuring the amount of salt to add?”

Barbara was still very calm. “Yeah, or else?”

Helios could not help but let off a giggle. He then quickly covered the corner of his lips with his hand and turned his head away.

Judging from his shoulders’ tiny but repetitive tremors, anyone could see what he was trying to hold back.

Barbara realized that she seemed to have made a mistake, and the expression on her face turned slightly rigid.

She looked away upon noticing that Helios wanted to laugh at her but was trying so hard to hold back his laughter. “You can laugh at me if you want to…”

“I’m sorry. Ahem, I really didn’t know that you would-” Helios laughed out loud. “I really didn’t know that you would misunderstand the meaning of a spoonful of salt.”

Barbara felt like she was being seen as a joke.

‘He must think that I’m an idiot!

He laughed for a while and finally calmed down. “The next time you don’t know how much seasoning to add, you can add a little first, then try the dish yourself to see if the taste is enough.”

She lowered her head and started eating to relieve her embarrassment. “Got it.”

At the Blue Bay villa…

Nolan stood in front of the window in his nightgown while sipping a cup of coffee.

Maisie had just finished taking a shower. Her hair draped over her shoulders and back was still dripping, and a few drops of

water slid down her body along her shoulders and neck.

She picked up the towel and wiped her hair. “What are you looking at?”

“What kind of flowers do you like?” Nolan put down the cup, turned around, and looked at her.

She was stunned for a split second, and a hint of glee flashed across her eyes. “Are you planning to give me flowers?”

Nolan stopped in front of her, took the towel from her hand, and gently wiped her hair for her. “Yeah, so what kind of flowers do you like?”

Maisie approached him, stood on tiptoe, and leaned closer to his ear. Her scarlet lips then opened. “I prefer pocket money

over flowers.”

He placed his arms on her waist and started tickling her. “Naughty girl.”

She was so itchy that she tried to dodge his assaults, and when she realized that she could not do so, she grasped his hand instead. “It’s my fault, hubby! I’m sorry.”

Nolan picked her up, put her on the desk, and pulled her into his arms.

Maisie wrapped her arm around his neck, poked the peak of his nose with her fingertip, and moved her finger downward. “I like blue roses.”


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