The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 877

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 877

Nolan held the back of her hand and raised his brows. “Blue roses?”

Her scarlet lips curled slightly. “Others might prefer red roses and white roses, but I like the rarest of them all. Blue roses are as charming as you are, so who wouldn’t like them?”

Nolan’s lips moved closer to her cheek. “Oh, are you admitting that I’m charming?”

She choked on her own saliva and turned her face away. “It’s a known fact even if I don’t want to admit it.”

Nolan poked her cheek, lowered his head, and kissed her. “No matter how charminglam, I’m all yours now.”

Maisie was very satisfied with his answer. A beautifuj silhouette of the two kissing was reflected on the glass window.

The next day…

Barbara went to the bookstore to buy a cookbook, and she saw several best-selling magazines on the shelf when she was walking toward the cashier. A series of photos that had Helios and Nolan in them was printed on the covers of those magazines. They were all photos that had been taken for their endorsement of Soul Jewelry.

She grabbed a copy and paid for everything in one go.

When she walked out of the bookstore, she suddenly saw a woman getting out of a car and took a closer look because the woman felt familiar.

That woman was Maizie, and a younger

man was sitting in the driver’s seat, but it was definitely not Francisco.

Maizie even blew kisses at the man in the driver’s seat when she got out of the car, making the relationship between them seem overly affectionate.

She frowned.

‘Isn’t Maizie pregnant and is insisting on marrying Francisco? I didn’t expect her to be flirting with another man in broad daylight.

Barbara followed Maizie stealthily as she wanted to find out who Maizie was going to meet.

Maizie walked into a cafe, while Barbara looked into the premises through the window and saw Maizie sitting by the window

The woman sitting opposite Maizie was

none other than Katrina.

Maizie took out a mirror and freshened up her lipstick. “I heard that your sister has gotten together with Helios Boucher?”

Katrina frowned, and her hand that was holding the coffee mug tightened, “Pfft, is that all she has?”

“But what can you do even if you really aren’t reconciled?” Maizie pursed her lips and closed the mirror. “She’s the daughter of the Chases.”

“I didn’t ask you to come here just to mock me.” Katrina did not like to hear what

Maizie had to say she was particularly sensitive when it came to her identity.

Maizie chuckled. “Don’t be angry. We’re both on the same side. I’ll say something nice for you in front of Eugene after becoming his daughter-in-law. I bet he won’t make things difficult for you when the time comes.” “Heh, but as far as I know, you’re not the one who will decide whether you can become the daughter-in-law of the Bouchers.”

Seeing the smirk on Katrina’s face, Maizie squinted her eyes. “What do you mean by that?”

Katrina leaned forward and moved closer to her. “Don’t you ever think that I don’t know about the fact that the child in your womb was conceived way before the night you got onto the same bed with Francisco.”

Maizie’s expression changed abruptly, and she almost knocked over the cup of coffee on the table.

Katrina propped her hand against her chin and glanced at Maizie. “Don’t lose your cr*p just yet, Ms. Hannigan. You and I are the only two people who know about this, and I promise no one else will know about it. As for the reason I’ve asked you out today, it’s just to ask you for a favor. No matter what, I did help you once before, didn’t 1?”

Maizie clenched her fists.

I’ve been careless. This b*tch is not any woman whom I can trifle with:

“What do you want me to help you with?” Maizie did not dare to cause any trouble. After all, she still had to rely on this child to get herself married into the Bouchers.

‘No one can stop me! Absolutely no one!

Katrina got straight to the point. “I need a certain amount of money.”

“What?” Maizie was astonished and

thought that she had misheard. “You need some money, and I’m the one you come to?” Katrina raised her eyebrows. “How could you say that? You’re the young lady who’s about to get married to the Bouchers. What is more prominent than the status that comes with the title of Mrs. Boucher?”


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