The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 878

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 878

Understanding what she meant, Maizie gnashed her teeth. “How much do you need?”

Katrina stretched out eight fingers. “$ 8,000,000 dollars.”

Maizie gasped and almost fainted due to the astonishment. “Why don’t you go out there and rob a bank? $8,000,000? Where can I get my hands on so much money?”

*Don’t pretend to be poor, Ms. Hannigan.” Katrina crossed her arms and leaned against the back of the chair. “$8,000,000 is nothing to you. You know so many bigshots in Bassburgh, maybe the father of the baby would-”

“Okay, I’ll help you!” Maizie could not help but interrupt her while clenching her hands that were under the table.

‘Katrina knows about my secret, and I mustn’t allow her to ruin my plan.’

Seeing that she was willing to compromise, Katrina picked up her handbag and stood up. “Then I’ll wait for your good news , Ms. Hannigan. By the way, I might need you to get me the money within three days.”

She then turned around and left the cafe.

Maizie was trembling with anger, staring fiercely at Katrina’s back as she left.

‘How dare you, Katrina Zalensky!? You’re just a b*stard daughter who can’t even make your identity public, and you dare threaten me?

‘Now that Katrina knows the truth about the child, I can’t just sit still and wait for my demise’ Barbara hid in the shadows and frowned as she watched Katrina get in a car and leave the cafe.

She had witnessed the interaction between the two of them just now. Although she did not know what they were talking about, the atmosphere between the two felt quite unpleasant.

She was not surprised by the fact that Maizie and Katrina would get together.

Both of them share common enemies, and that makes them friends!

At the Goldmanns’ family estate…

The fallen leaves in the yard seemed to have formed a golden carpet, covering the whole field, and a few withered petals fell into the pond, creating multiple ripples at once. The reflections running on the stone bridge were Daisie and Colton, and the goldfish living at the bottom of the clear water were shocked and hid in the crevices.

“Mommy!” Daisie rushed into Maisie’s arms and handed her the wildflowers she had picked from outside the courtyard. “I said this is a sasanqua camellia, but Colton doesn’t believe me!”

Colton crossed his arms and turned his face away. “That’s clearly a Japanese camellia, okay?”

Maisie squatted down, took the flowers from Daisie, scrutinized them meticulously, and sighed. “Unfortunately, this is a

Japanese camellia.”

Daisie tilted her head. “But I’ve seen it in a book. Isn’t this a sasanqua camellia?”

Maisie rubbed her tiny head. “Honey, sasanqua camellias and Japanese camellias are actually sister flowers from the same genus. They do look rather similar to each other, so it’s quite easy for someone to mistake one for the other. It’s only October, and the sasanqua camellias haven’t bloomed yet.”

“Oh, is that so?” Daisie lowered her head. It seemed that she was mistaken.

Colton patted her shoulder, proudly waiting to be praised. “Daisie, you now understand that I’m omniscient, do you?”

Daisie glared at him. “Shameless boy.”

“How can I be shameless? I’m your dearest brother!” Colton stood with his arms akimbo.

‘Everybody else’s sisters are usually adorable princesses. Why is mine always mocking and scolding me?’ “No, you’re not. It’ d be nice if Wayion was here. He always gives in to me, unlike you.” Daisie stomped her feet and snorted. She preferred Wayion over Colton. Even if she were to get confused about the difference between a sasanqua camellia and a Japanese camellia, Wayion would never argue with her and would let her have it her way.

Colton sighed. “I’m only telling the truth.”

Daisie turned her face away. “Hmph!”

Maisie witnessed helplessly as the two quarreled.

‘In the past, when Wayion was still around, anything he said would be effective against these two. Sure enough, now that he ‘s not here, neither of them will accept what the other has to say

Nicholas stood behind them with his cane

and laughed frankly, “You two rugrats, you’re getting noisier and noisier.”


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