The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 879

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 879

“Grandpa, Colton is the only rugrat here.” Daisie ran up to Nicholas and made a face at Colton.

Colton also gave off a grimace, and Nicholas laughed as he was extremely amused.

Maisie walked over. “Father, are you feeling better now?”

She only heard from Quincy that Nicholas had recently been feeling unwell when she accompanied Nolan today.

Nicholas had always treated her well, so it was only natural for her to care about him sincerely.

Nicholas waved his hand and smiled. ” Don’t worry, it’s just a minor relapse.” “Grandpa, are you suffering from your gastric again?” Colton asked.

“Gastric?” Maisie looked at him, and Colton replied with a frown. “Grandpa’s gastric has always been with him.”

“I’m fine. It’s just a minor problem, and it doesn’t affect me much. Plus, I’ve already taken my medicine.” He placed his hand on Colton’s back and patted him lightly.

He then glanced at Maisie and said, “I’ll go to the kitchen to see if they’ve finished preparing dinner.”

After watching Nicholas leave, Maisie squatted down and asked Colton, “Has your grandfather had gastric before?”

“Yeah.” Colton nodded. “When we lived with Grandpa during those three years, he never liked eating very much and often took his medicine back then.”

Maisie frowned. “Then does your father know about that?”

“Daddy doesn’t seem to know. Grandpa didn’t allow us to tell Daddy because he wasn’t doing too good during those three years. Grandpa didn’t want to cause Daddy any more trouble.”

Colton could not help but tell Maisie everything today, stunning Maisie. She thought of something, and her eyelids could not help but droop.

Three years ago, Nolan had been infected with the virus, and his health had been indeed very poor. Nicholas had to come back to manage the company on behalf of Nolan. He must have been very busy as he had to take care of the company, the children, and his son.

Thinking of this, Maisie felt downcast.

Nolan appeared in the courtyard suddenly and draped his coat over her shoulders. ” Why are you standing here?”

She turned her head to look at him, and a tiny reflection flashed at the corners of her eyes in an instant.

Nolan was stunned and gently wiped the tears off the corners of her eyes with his fingertips. “What’s wrong?”

Maisie plunged into his arms. “Nothing, I just want to hug you.”

Nolan chuckled softly as he stroked her hair. “You’re already a mother of three, and yet you’re still acting so coquettishly.”

“Have you grown tired of me acting coquettishly?” Maisie hit him gently.

Nolan sneered, hugged her tightly, and pressed his chin against her forehead.” Why would I feel so? You acting like a spoiled child is one of my favorite things to watch.”

Such a romantic scene was forced upon the two rugrats out of the blue.

‘Mommy and Daddy can definitely be very lethal when they’re showing off their love for each other.’ Dinner was ready, and the whole family gathered around the dining table and ate together joyfully. The Goldmanns’ family estate seemed to have not been so boisterous in the past three years.

“Father, seafood is bad for your digestive system. You shouldn’t eat too much.” Maisie reminded Nicholas.

Nicholas really wanted to eat seafood, but because of Maisie’s reminder, he could only take a tiny amount of each seafood dish.

Colton peeled the shrimp shells for his grandfather. “Grandpa, Mommy is right, you can’t eat too much seafood, so I’ll reluctantly give you a tiny piece to satisfy your cravings.”

Nicholas hesitated, but he could only compromise in the end. “Naha, alright, I’ll leave all the seafood to you people tonight.”

Nolan fetched Daisie and Colton some dishes during the meal, and Daisie turned to look at him. “Daddy, the day after tomorrow is your birthday, so I want to wish you a happy birthday in advance.”

He was surprised, froze for a split second, and then smiled. “Well, thank you, Daisie.”

Nicholas said to the two rugrats, “It’s been a long time since your father last celebrated his birthday. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief now as you guys will be celebrating it with him this year.”


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