The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 880

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 880

“Grandpa, won’t you come with us to Daddy’s birthday party?” Daisie asked with her head tilted.

“I’m too old for a party now. I can no longer stay up late as you young people do. I have to go to bed early and get up early to keep myself healthy.” Nicholas took a sip of Earl Fray tea.

After the family had dinner, Nicholas went back to his study while Colton and Daisie went for a stroll with Maisie in the courtyard.

Sitting alone in the study, Nicholas looked through some old items, and when he looked up again, the first thing that caught his attention was Nolan, who was leaning against the door silently.

He was astounded and put down the items in his hands. “Why didn’t you go for a walk with your kids and wife? Why have you come here instead?”

“Why didn’t you tell me about your gastric?”

Nicholas lifted his gaze. “It’s just a tiny issue, so what can I say?”

Nolan walked to the desk and took a glance at the old box that was lying on the desk, which contained the mementos that belonged to his mother. “Have you been suffering from gastritis since very early on?”

Nicholas did not answer.

Nolan looked at him. “After Mother passed away, you submerged yourself in heaps of work. That was when it started, wasn’ t it?”

Nicholas took a deep breath, leaned back in his chair, and looked out the window at the setting sun. “I lost your mother very early on in my life, and I’d think of her whenever I was free. Thus, all I could do was

fill all my time with work. You should now understand how I felt back then too. When you thought you had lost Zee three years ago, I think you wouldn’t even be able to take care of yourself if it weren’t for me.

“But back then, I could only carry all the burdens by myself, I would even have given up on life if it wasn’t for you.”

Nolan lowered his gaze. “Then you should’ve told me.”

“I don’t want to cause you any trouble Besides, it’s just a gastric, not to mention that I’ve been taking my medicine. I still wish to become one of the witnesses to my grandchildren’s growth. So, how can I not cherish my life?”

Nicholas took an imperial jade bracelet out of the box. It was a memento that belonged to Nolan’s mother. He had given it to Maisie before this, but Nolan brought it back after Maisie’s accident three years ago. “Now that Zee is back, you should give this to her.”

“There’s no need for that.” Nolan’s gaze shifted from side to side. “You gave this to her back then as your recognition to her as your daughter-in-law. But she’s now my legal wife, so the sense of recognition is no longer needed. This bracelet belongs to Mother, so you should keep it with you.”

‘It’s just a bracelet, and I can always buy Maisie a new one. I understand just how much this bracelet means to him, and I believe that Zee won’t want this either!

Nolan turned around, walked out, stopped abruptly, and did not forget to remind his father, “Take care of yourself. If you really can’t do it by yourself. I’ll hire someone to take care of you. You promised to be there when the kids grow up.”

Nicholas stared at the bracelet and murmured with a gratifying smile, “Nat, did you see that? Our son has learned to care about his father.”

Outside, in the courtyard…

Daisie sat on the swing and asked Colton to push her, while Colton complained that she was very childish but kept on pushing her anyway.

Maisie was breathing in the fresh air, and all the trees, flowers, and every single strand of grass in the courtyard looked exceptionally serene and beautiful.

She received a text message at that time and took out her cell phone to check the message’s content,

The birthday celebration that would take place on the cruise ship tomorrow had been completely set up, and all that was left to do was to invite some acquaintances and friends to join them in the “Night View Sightseeing by the Sea”.

A pair of arms wrapped around her waist from behind and she was so frightened that she turned off the screen and turned her head around with a short grumble.” You scared me.”

Nolan rested his chin on her shoulder.” Huh? What were you trying to do when I was not around?”

Maisie pouted. “It’s, of course, something huge.”

Nolan hummed and rubbed his chin against her shoulder. “It seems that my wife is organizing my birthday celebration in secret.”


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