The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 881

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 881

“Apart from the birthday celebration,” Maisie turned around and looked up at him, “There’s another important event.”

Nolan stared at her, “What’s the important event?”

Maisie grabbed his hand and grasped his palm playfully. “I won’t tell you just yet.

You’ll know it by tomorrow night.”

At Soul..

“Ms. Vanderbilt, can we really get off work early tonight?” During the town hall business meeting, Maisie stood on the stage and announced that everybody could get off work early, and everyone in the audience was excited.

Maisie held on to the microphone. “You’ve worked so hard at Soul Jewelry for so long. As the owner of this company, it’s only natural for me to pay you back with some benefits. It’s Mr. Goldmann’s birthday celebration tonight, and I want to invite everyone to attend the banquet. How does that sound?”

“Since our boss has spoken, we’ll definitely be there!”

Looking at the employees who were cheering under the stage, Maisie laughed.

After the meeting, Maisie and Kennedy left together slightly later than the others.” Uncle Kennedy, you should come too.”

Kennedy smiled. “We’ll see how things turn out.”

“See how things turn out?” Maisie tilted her head in doubt. “By the way. Uncle Kennedy, you seem to be a little busier than you normally were recently, and you look like you’re in a good mood. Are you in love?”

Kennedy choked on his saliva and coughed. “There’s no such thing, don’t let your imagination run wild.” “Okay, just come if you’re free tonight. I won’t say anything if you aren’t.”

Kennedy nodded. “I’ll try my best.”

Maisie returned to her office, and she was frightened by the woman whose face was severely swollen as soon as she opened the door.

“Boohoohoo! Zee, I’m doomed! Do I look extremely ugly now?!” Maisie took a closer look and gasped.” Ryleigh, what’s going on with your face?” Ryleigh picked up a mirror, looked at it, and cried hysterically. “I had an allergic reaction. Boohoohoo, what should I do tonight!?” Maisie walked up to her and sat down beside her. “Everything has been fine. How did you get the allergic reaction?” “… I used a facial cleanser last night, and that’s it!” Ryleigh covered her face. “I’m going to sue that platform for selling fake goods. I’ve been disfigured!” She hugged Maisie and wept. “How am I going to attend the birthday party tonight? I don’t want anyone to see me like this. If… If Louis were to see me like this, he’d surely make a laughingstock out of me!”

Maisie patted her on the back with a serious expression. “Ryleigh, now be honest with me. Did you buy the facial cleanser directly when you saw it being sold at a lower price online?”

Ryleigh lowered her head “It’s only about a few dollars cheaper. I bought… I bought it mainly because many anchorwomen and online influencers use it too. It’s the brand that’s said to be able to remove acne, whiten the skin, and moisturize it all at the same time!”

Maisie covered her forehead with her hand. “You really are so carefree when it comes to such things. This is your own face that we’re talking about! How can you put it through so much just because you want to save a few bucks?”

Seeing that Ryleigh was pouting and giving off an aggrieved appearance, Maisie squinted. “You’ve never paid any attention to your appearance’s upkeep before…” “That… That’s different.” Ryleigh puffed out her cheeks and muttered softly, “I was a single lady back then.”

“Oh.” Maisie propped her chin against her hand and smiled. “I know someone who once vowed that she’d never marry Louis, but it seems that love is now in the air?”

Ryleigh pushed her away and turned her face away. “Stop making fun of me! Are you even my best friend!?”

Maisie chuckled. “Just admit that you’ve fallen for him. What’s there to hide?” ‘Although Louis is rather cheeky and presumptuous whenever he’s speaking, at least he’s always been loyal when it comes to how he treats others.

‘l once thought that Louis agreed to marry Ryleigh only because he didn’t want to go on arranged blind dates with other strange women.


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