The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 882

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 882

“Later on, I asked him why he wanted to marry you when he came to me to learn more about what happened to you back when you were still studying. And he told me that he had seen you a long time ago, way earlier than three years ago.

“So exactly when was it? It was on the night of our college party, which he attended as a music student invited by our college. He watched your solo during the orchestra performance and thought it was extraordinary. He also met the three of us backstage by chance, but no one knew anyone at the time.

“But who would have thought that years later, one of the three would become his cousin and the other would become his fiancee?”

Ryleigh blinked with a surprised expression. “These… Why… Why didn’t you tell me all these?” Maisie crossed her arms and leaned back into the chair. “You never asked, and I’ve been too busy ever since, so I forgot.”

Ryleigh pursed her lips.

“By the way, I have no impression of him at all. I didn’t even know that the boy who played the violin at the party that night was Louis! ‘So is this the legendary love at first sight? It can’t be so cheesy, can it?’

Thinking of something, she puffed out her cheeks again. “But I didn’t realize that he recognized me when I met him at the cafe three years ago…” “If it’s love at first sight, how would he forget about me?’

Maisie fiddled with her earrings, lowered her gaze, and smiled. “He really didn’t recognize you when we met again.”

Ryleigh stopped talking.

‘See? He had forgotten all about it long ago.’ Maisie added slowly, “After all, who would have thought that the genius from the department of orchestra back then would be the good for-nothing daughter from the Hills, who only wanted to loaf around and do nothing every day?” “Zee, that’s a very hurtful thing to say!” Ryleigh almost vomited blood.

“How could she rub more salt into my wounds?’

Maisie smirked and said nothing. Ryleigh rubbed her swollen face. “Faster, think of a way for me! How can I attend the banquet tonight?”

Maisie stared at her for a while, and the corners of her lips twitched slightly. “I’ve thought of a great idea, but I feel sorry for you.”

The lights on both ends of the Bass Wave Port were brightly lit in the evening, and a large sightseeing cruise ship was moored on the shore under the magnificent night sky.

The empty parking lot was full of dozens of luxury cars, and the glamorously dressed guests showed the receptionists their invitations and then boarded the ship one after another. The birthday party would be held on the open-air deck, the decorations of the venue looked gorgeous and romantic, and the blue and white tables had a variety of wine and delicacies placed on them. There were even barbecued seafood and other delicacies.

A live band played melodious music by the side. Quincy, Saydie, Barbara, and Louis were the first batch to arrive at the venue and started welcoming others.

“Mr. Goldmann is the main focus of the party tonight. So why haven’t he and Mrs.

Goldmann appeared yet?”

“I think the two of them are going to appear at the finale of the arrival session. It’s said that Mrs. Goldmann secretly arranged this birthday celebration, and she’s planning to surprise Mr. Goldmann with something.”

Barbara was busy grilling skewers for others. After welcoming his friend, Louis put down his wine and looked around.” Didn’t Ryleigh come with you?”

Barbara raised her head: “I thought she would arrive with you, Mr. Lucas. She didn’t come with me.”

Louis squinted.

‘This woman won’t miss this occasion for no reason.’

He took out his cell phone walked aside, and called Ryleigh. Barbara shook her head helplessly. I really envy those who are in love. At least they have someone that cares about them.’ A black car was parked on the shore, attracting the cameras of most of the reporters on the shore. Helios was the first to get out of the car, followed by his parents, Yael and Christina.


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