The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 883

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 883

Larissa wore a snug fit evening dress and had a hand fan with her. She took a glance at Yael and leaned into Christina’s ear.” Haven’t you always been rather reluctant to get associated with the Goldmanns?”

Christina cleared her throat and whispered, “That’s all in the past. I can’t keep all those things on the top of my mind all the time, can I?” Larissa realized the change in her mindset at first glance and wrapped her arm around Christina’s arm. “Then let’s board the deck together.”

Yael and Helios followed the two best friends closely, and that was everyone from the Bouchers and the Lucases. The banquet became even more lively after their arrival.

After a while, Daisie and Colton arrived with an adult-sized mascot, the mascot’s costume tightly covering the person inside. No one would be able to recognize that it was Ryleigh at all

Ryleigh stared at the people around the venue from within the costume with tearless grief.

‘Zee said she had a brilliant idea in mind, ensuring that no one would recognize I’m the person in this costume, but now… I look even more eye-catching with this outfit!’ Colton looked up at her. “Godmother, do you feel hot?” “Shh!” Ryleigh motioned him to keep quiet. “Don’t address me as your godmother in front of the crowd. I can’t let others know that I’m the person in this costume. .

Otherwise, there goes my reputation.” Colton responded to her request while Daisie ran toward Helios. “Godfather!” Helios put down his wine glass, raised his hand, and rubbed her little head. “Why did the two of you come first?” Daisie was very excited. “Mommy and Daddy will come later because Mommy is going to surprise Daddy!”

“Where’s Ryleigh?”

Louis walked to Helios’ side. Helios was startled by him and looked around. “I don’t see her.” Daisie took a glance at the human-sized mascot standing beside Colton and said with a wicked smirk on her face, “Uncle Louis, are you looking for Godmother? She’s actually here!”

Louis looked around suspiciously. “But I don’t see her at all.”

Daisie grinned while Helios noticed the mascot standing next to Colton and squinted his eyes slightly.

Ryleigh felt a cold gaze that was focusing on her, and her heart skipped a beat. She took a glimpse in the direction of Helios and the others and just so happened to exchange gazes with Helios.

‘Sh*t, this can’t be it, right? Has Helios recognized me? But I’m already all dressed up in this costume!’

However, Helios looked away only after just a few glances and gave off a pregnant smirk. “Maybe she’s just playing hide-and-seek with us.”

Louis frowned.

‘Hide-and-seek? Could it be that she’s been hiding in the crowd all this while?”

He took a closer look at the crowd again, and the motionless adult-sized mascot caught his eyes.

‘Since when did we order a mascot?’

A Rolls-Royce was parked at the entrance of the red carpet, and everyone on the cruise ship glanced toward the luxury car.

Maisie stepped out of the car, and a red and black dress fell off the edge of the car and onto the ground. The evening dress’ bareback design and sleeves were made out of tulle, and the dress had a snug-fit

cutting around her slim waist, which complimented her figure gracefully.

The retro crane earring design looked vivid when coupled with the red and gold crane embroidery on her dress.

The tuxedo that Nolan had on had the same design as that of Maisie’s, and the hand-stitched crane embroidery that took up the whole half of his tuxedo made him look extremely ethereal. The charming man and the elegant woman looked like a dazzling match made in heaven through the reporters’ cameras.

Maisie wrapped her arm around Nolan’s arm. “What do you think of the venue that we found?”

Nolan laughed. “Hmm, I’m very satisfied.” The couple boarded the cruise ship, and a group of people celebrated their arrival with champagne and party poppers.

At that moment, Daisie and Colton dashed straight up to Nolan. “Daddy, this is your birthday present, and we wish you a happy birthday!

Nolan looked at the two rugrats, and a gleeful grin appeared on his face. “I like it very much, thank you.”


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