The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 884

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 884

Colton’s cell phone rang all of a sudden.” It’s Wayion!” He picked up the video call and handed it to Nolan. “Daddy, Wayion, and Greatgrandpa want to talk to you!”

Nolan picked up the phone. The video was a blessing from Wayion and Titus.

Maisie leaned over and exclaimed,” Wayion!”

Wayion’s indifferent face turned a little warmer after seeing his mother again.” Mommy, I miss you.” “Your daddy, your younger siblings, and I are waiting for you to return to Zlokova during the winter break. Have you been a good boy and listened to your greatgrandfather while you’re abroad?”

Wayion nodded. “Yes.”

Nolan placed his arm around Maisie’s shoulders and looked at the person on display. “Take care of yourself while you’re there, don’t get sick.”

Listening to his father’s concern, although Wayion did not give off any expression on his face, he accepted it with a tough attitude. “I know. You’re being way too wordy.”

Wayion then handed the call to Titus, and the latter exchanged a few words with the couple before ending the call.

At the beginning of the banquet, the people on the cruise ship feasted their eyes on the bustling night scene found on both sides of the strait, and the melodious and beautiful music sounded and pervaded the entire venue while everyone drank fine wine and ate barbecue delicacies. The scene looked very boisterous.

Ryleigh only removed her headgear in a corner where no one was looking and ate the barbecue skewers that her little angel, Daisie, handed to her. “Daisie is the best!”.

“Ryleigh Hill!”

A voice that came from behind her made her tremble. She put the skewers in her hand down and quickly put the headgear back on.

Louis stepped forward, intending to snatch her headgear from her, but she bumped him away from her. “Don’t take it off, or you’re dead!

“What are you doing?” Louis felt a little helpless. “Are you planning to appear as the mascot throughout the whole night?” “I can’t help it either!” Ryleigh was about to cry. “I can’t see anyone in this condition.” “What’s wrong with you?” ; “Don’t come here! Don’t come anywhere near me. Get away from me!” She turned her back on Louis to avoid him and refused to let him see her face.

Louis narrowed his eyes, stepped forward, forced her to the corner, and lifted her headgear.

“Louis Lucas, you b*stard!” Ryleigh lowered her head and covered her face. He threw the hood aside and held her wrist. “Let me take a look.”

Lifting her cheek, Louis was stunned in an instant.

Who… Who’s this?’ After confirming that the person standing in front of him was Ryleigh, whose face was so swollen that all her facial features were on the brink of becoming one whole pile of mess, he could not hold back and laughed out loud.

Ryleigh cried immediately. “I told you not to look, this is so embarrassing. Boohoohoo

Louis held back his laughter, placed his palms on her swollen cheeks, lowered his head, and approached her face. “You still look cute even though you look like a pig now.” She was about to die of anger. “Do you actually know how to speak to a lady?”

“It’s true. I won’t lie to you.” Louis wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes with his fingertips. “Your face is already swollen. It’ Il become even worse if you continue to cry.”

Ryleigh was out of words.

On the other side, Tanner, Helios, and the others were with Nolan, drinking wine and chatting. Maisie walked to Barbara with a wine glass and saw that she was drinking juice. “You really don’t drink anymore.” Barbara looked away. “I wasn’t kidding when I said so. “I wonder, where did Ryleigh and Louis go? “By the way, why haven’t seen Ryleigh?” Barbara pondered. She had not seen Ryleigh ever since she boarded the ship.

Maisie could not help but laugh. “Didn’t you see that teddy bear?”

“Is that adult-sized mascot Ryleigh!?”

Barbara realized all of a sudden and chuckled. “What’s wrong with her?”

“She used an inferior face cleanser and is suffering from an allergic reaction. Her face is so swollen that even her father probably won’t be able to recognize his own daughter.”


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