The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 885

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 885

Barbara finally could not help it as she seemed to have a picture of how Ryleigh looked now in her mind and laughed out loud. Helios and the others just happened to look in this direction when they heard the peal of laughter. Some of the wealthy socialites who had never seen Barbara asked, “Who’s that woman standing next to Mrs. Goldmann? Haven’t you seen her before?” Tanner cleared his throat. “She’s the daughter of the Chases.” “Ah, so that’s the daughter of the Chases?”

“Didn’t someone break the news before that, saying that she’s a murder-” Before that person could even finish speaking, Tanner had already bumped him with his elbow, motioning him to shut up.

That man looked at Helios as the latter lowered his head and lightly shook his glass of wine. Although his attitude did not change much, that man noticed the slight and almost imperceptible split-second change in Helios’ expression when the word “murderer” was mentioned.

Larissa came over to have a drink with Maisie, and the two chatted for a moment while Madam Hera, Tristan, and his grandnephew arrived late.

Maisie did not expect Tristan to arrive together with Madam Hera. She took a glance at Holan, who did not seem surprised. It was just that Christina did not look too good when she saw Tristan again.

Maisie stepped forward and greeted

Madam Nera, “Godmother, you’ve come.”

Madam Nera smiled, nodded, and asked someone to bring forward two preciouslooking gift boxes. “This is my present for you and Mr. Goldmann.”

Maisie was dumbfounded, “I have one too?” Madam Nera placed the gift box in her hand. “Keep it, and don’t forget that I’m still waiting for your wedding banquet.”

Maisie accepted with a smile. “Thank you, Godmother.”

Nolan also walked toward them at that moment as Tristan placed his hand on the boy’s back. The boy looked as delicate and captivating as ever, and his complexion looked as fair as snow under the blazing white lights. “Nolly. Don’t forget to address your uncle.

Noilace looked at Nolan, and a warm smile took over his beautiful yet indifferent face in an instant. “Nice to meet you, Uncle Nolan.”

Everyone at the scene was shocked. ‘Uncle?’

Colton was surprised. ‘Is this fella our cousin? Oh my God! How could this be!?’

Daisie still could not return to her senses. “Noilace… How could he be our cousin?’ Although Nolan did not want to admit it, his mother was still a nominal member of the Knowles. Excluding all the other details, the Knowles had treated his mother kindly, nurtured, and raised her back then, so he could only accept it.

Daisie approached Noilace, looking delighted. “Noilace, are you really our


Nollace turned his head around and took a look at Tristan, who was standing not far away. “I think so.” “That’s great. We can play together more often in the future!” Daisie grabbed his hand and gave off a

bright grin. Nollace did not say anything. Colton, who was standing on the side, crossed his arms and snorted. “Who wants to play with him?”

“Colton, how can you act like that? Nollace is our cousin.”

“Maybe I’m even older than him!” Colton turned his face away. That kid had always been an eyesore, no matter how he looked at him. Daisie pulled Nollace away. “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to grab some barbecued food!”

Before Noilace could even speak, Daisie had already pulled him away.

Colton, who was left on the spot, was rendered speechless.

Tristan clinked his wine glass with Nolan, and his gaze landed on Yael, who was walking toward them. “Mr. Boucher.”

Yael let off a polite smile. “I didn’t expect the eldest grandson of the Knowles to be staying in Zlokova.”

“There’s no other way out of this. He’s the only heir of the Knowles. That’s why we have to protect him with everything we’ve got.”

Yael glanced in the direction of the three children. “If only you had considered settling down and giving birth to a few more kids for the Knowles, that kid wouldn’t have been the only heir.”

Tristan lowered his gaze and chuckled. I’ve gotten too used to my freedom, so I don’t like being bound by marriage.”


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