The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 886

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 886

“Really? That’s a shame.” Yael finished the rest of his drink.

Tristan patted his shoulder and leaned close, “If that weren’t the case, Mrs. Boucher would probably be my wife instead.”

Yael didn’t say anything but frowned.

Maisie and Nolan were enjoying the drama. She got close to his ears. “Did you invite Tristan?”

She had informed Madam Nera about it since it was Nolan’s birthday party. She probably wouldn’t have brought Tristan along, right?


Maisie was curious. “Party crasher?’ Nolan’s lip twitched. “He’s an old, shameless man. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“He actually just brought his greatgrandnephew over.’

Upon recalling something. Nolan put down his glass, leaned in, and said, “I need to tell you something.”

She paused. “What?”

He played with her hair behind her neck.” That old man plans to send the eldest grandson of the Knowles to stay at the Goldmann mansion for a while. What do you think?”

Maisie was surprised.

“Let that child stay at the Goldmann mansion for a while?’

Her eyes shifted to the beautiful boy next to Daisy. She seemed to enjoy being around him and probably thought of him as an actual friend.

Maisie lowered her eyes. “You’re his distant uncle. Do you disagree with that?”

Nolan’s smile broadened. “You’re his distant aunt too.”

Maisie turned around and leaned on his shoulder. “Our family could afford a little nephew.”

Nolan’s smile could have melted like snow when he heard her say ‘our family’. Quincy, Saydie, and the children pushed a 6-layered cake out. The lights dimmed, and Ryleigh duetted the Birthday Song with Louis in costume. She stood in front of the piano while Louis played the violin.

Maisie pushed Nolan to the cake stand.

Make a wish!

Nolan smiled helplessly and could only make a wish. At that moment. Maisie quietly retreated.

When Nolan made his wish and blew out the candle, everyone popped party poppers.

The song switched to another one, and fireworks went off on the banks and danced around in the night sky. Under the dim lights, two rows of guests held neon-colored rose bouquets and parted into a walkway in the dark.

Maisie stood at the front of the ship, slowly walking forward.

Ryleigh played her song and started singing.

“You never hesitated

“And walked straight into my life

“l yearned for you

“Like I’ve walked a thousand miles in the wind

“Making wishes under the stars, I kept my secrets deep down

“You’re brave like the sea

“Only caring about the whales in the deep “You’ve walked past millions of souls

“For our meeting


To spend the seasons with me

“And the spring flowers and the autumn moon

“Clear skies ahead

Cannot compare to you Ryleigh’s sweet voice sounded even better with the piano and violin.

Maisie stopped in front of Nolan, took out a ring box, went down on one knee, and smiled. “Mr. Nolan Goldmann, would you marry me?”

Cheers erupted from the crowd.

Everyone took out their phones to take pictures, and all the flashes were on them.

Nolan was stunned his heartstrings had been pulled!

His smile was wide as he answered, “Yes!”

Maisie got up and put the ring onto his ring finger. It fit perfectly.

Nolan took out another ring and went down on one knee as well. “Ms. Maisie Vanderbilt, do you want to marry me and spend the rest of our lives together?” “Please get married! Get married!” Ryleigh started the chant, and everyone followed.


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