The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 887

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 887

Maisie put out her right hand, crying tears of joy. “Yes,ldo!”

Nolan hugged her, cupped her face with his hands, and kissed her.

Helios and Barbara covered the children’s eyes.

The two rugrats were rendered speechless.

Madam Nera and Larissa smiled broadly while Yael and the others were clapping.

The ship started to sail across the sea. In contrast with the rowdy deck, two people stood at the stairs of the second floor.

Tristan lit a cigarette and looked to the port that was far away. “I guess you’ve decided to stay with Yael and have a good life.” Christina had a silk shawl over her shoulders, standing in the dark. The light from the sea only illuminated half of her body. “Yes, Yael knows about our relationship. We’ve accepted it.” Tristan breathed out a puff of smoke and chuckled. “Really? That’s nice.”

“You approached me not because you loved me.” Christina turned around with her back facing him. “I admit that I fell for you once. Your sweet nothings were a comfort to me when I was lost in my marriage. I found out what love felt like with you, but you weren’t sincere. You found out that Yael was in love with Natasha, and that was why you seduced his wife to put him in a tough spot.”

Tristan was silent. The light from his cigarette dimmed, then the ash fell to his leather shoes.

“Tristan, we’re no longer young. Our relationship was a mistake.”

Christina was going to go upstairs when he said, “If I had really fallen for you and wanted to marry you, would you have come with me?” Christina was stunned, but she quickly recovered and calmed down. “But you didn’t want to marry me, did you?”

Tristan turned sideways and looked at her. “What if I did?”

She still had her back toward him. “That’s all in the past now.”

Christina left without looking back, while Tristan stood in his spot, unmoving, and his back dimmed like the night sky.

Christina returned to the deck and walked toward Yael, who turned to look at her.”

You went to see him?”

“Yes,” Christina didn’t plan to hide it, “I made it clear. Yael, I did you wrong.” Yael put down his wine glass and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Let bygones be bygones. I didn’t do my part as a husband, sol should apologize too.”

Christina leaned on his shoulder, and they both enjoyed the view in silence together.

Ryleigh stood in the guest room on the third floor and stretched, finally getting out of the heavy bear costume. She turned around and saw two familiar figures walking toward her. Surprisingly, a n arm pulled her back right when she was going to approach them.

She was shocked but moved her hand away when she saw it was Maisie. “Zee, you scared me.”

Maisie teased her. “You shouldn’t scare people when your face is that swollen.” Ryleigh frowned. “Why do you keep using my swollen face as a joke like my cousin?” She laughed. “Alright, even if your face is swollen, no one is complaining.” Ryleigh’s lips twitched, and she looked Maisie up and down. “Why are you here instead of spending time with Nolan in your room?” Maisie looked toward the corridor and raised her eyebrow. “I’m here to see if you’ll get a cousin-in-law tonight.”


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