The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 888

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 888

Ryleigh didn’t know what to say.

“Hold on!’ Ryleigh finally understood. “Me getting a cousin-in-law… are you talking about Helios?”

“Who else?”

Ryleigh was shocked, but her eyes started sparkling. “My cousin and Barbara?”

The two of them stuck their heads out, their gossipy hearts burning.

Barbara and Helios stood at the end of the corridor, watching the night view far ahead.

“Why aren’t you with them? It should be quite lively downstairs.”

Barbara turned to look at Helios. His white suit was whiter than the moon in the night, still as clean and unblemished.

Helios looked back, put his arm on the railings, and then leaned in. He looked up, and the wind blew over his smooth hair. ‘ I’ll be asked to drink if I go down.”

He was just there to avoid drinking!

Barbara’s lips curled. “You should have quite a good alcohol tolerance.”

Helios looked at her. “Who told you that?”

She crossed her arms and smiled. “I’ve never seen you drunk.”

Helios loosened his tie and smiled back.” Would you believe me if I said I’m drunk now?”

Barbara looked at him, her eyes filled with doubt. “You seem quite sober.” He looked down and laughed. “Some people look sober but could be quite drunk.” His eyes were fixed on Barbara. “You are the total opposite when you’re drunk.”

Barbara froze, stared into his deep, dark eyes, then awkwardly looked away.” Really? I have no idea.”

Helios smiled. “When Uncle Chase introduced you to me three years ago, I thought you were a classy, unapproachable lady.”

Barbara frowned.

She had met Helios three years ago after her father introduced them at a party. She had attended that party because the Bouchers would be there.

Her father had intended for Helios to introduce her to more friends in Bassburgh, so she had decided to attend. This was also how she had come to meet Ryleigh.

When thinking back at that party, she had been very nervous and afraid that people would see through her intentions.

Barbara sighed. “I pretended to be classy. I just didn’t want to put my father to shame at the party.” Helios laughed. “I didn’t know that, but I do now. Girls who read comic books and collect figurines are mostly nice.”

“How did you know-”

“I saw them when I sent you home.”

Barbara didn’t know what to say. She had almost forgotten that Helios was the one who sent her back when she got drunk. He must have seen them when he entered her room.

Helios suddenly approached when he saw the embarrassment on her face. She held her breath upon seeing his face so close to hers while her heart was pounding like a drum.

His breath had a light smell of alcohol, which made her feel like getting closer.

The two hiding ladies stared straight at them and had to stop themselves from pushing their heads together.

Maisie quietly said, “Ryleigh, do you think it’s going to happen tonight?”

Ryleigh knew the answer. “I don’t think so. They haven’t even kissed!”

Maisie raised her eyebrow. “If they kissed, who do you think would make the first move? Your cousin or Barbara?”

“Undoubtedly, Helios.”

Maisie smiled. “Let’s make a bet. If your cousin makes the first move, I’ll pay you $ 100. If it’s the other way around, you’ll pay me $100.


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