The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 889

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 889

Ryleigh looked at Maisie and took a deep breath before nodding. “Okay.” She strongly believed that Helios would make the first move if they kissed that night! Maybe because the night was too beautiful or because the wine was too sweet, their lips got closer and closer, and Helios stopped because his conscience took over.

When he was going to move backward, Barbara tugged on his tie and pulled him forward, then pressed her lips against his.

Helios looked at her. It lasted just a moment, and before he could respond, Barbara looked as though she had gotten what she wanted.” You seduced me after getting drunk, and I didn’t manage to fight the urge and kissed you. You started this.

She smiled, turned around, and hurriedly walked away.

Ryleigh was stunned. Helios didn’t make a move and was instead played by Barbara!

That was too much!

Maisie tapped her shoulder. “You’ve known Barbara for so long, yet you haven’t noticed that she isn’t what she looks like? She’s not a passive girl. If she’s aggressive even when she’s sober, do you think she’s going to tie him to the bed after she has had a few drinks?”

Ryleigh’s face dropped. Barbara looked like a serious woman, even more serious than Maisie. Thus, it was illogical that she would be aggressive toward men!

However, Ryleigh witnessed the exact opposite tonight and lost $100!

When Maisie returned to the guest room, Nolan had just gotten out of the shower. He had a towel around his waist and was drinking, his Adam’s apple moving up and down, looking extremely s*xy.

The ring on his ring finger shone brightly under the light. Maisie jumped over and hugged him from behind. “Dear.”

Nolan placed the glass on the table, touched her hand, and turned his head to look at her. “Hmm? You’re back.”

Maisie put out her hands and held the hand with the ring. “We finally have rings.”

Nolan put out his arm and pulled her into his arms. “It’ll be perfect once we have our wedding.”

She hugged his neck and smiled brightly. “It would be too lonely to have a wedding with just the two of us. Why not wait for Ryleigh and Louis, and Helios too?”

Nolan frowned. “Helios?” He was momentarily silent before asking,” Someone would marry him?”

Maisie laughed and pushed him to the bed. Nolan looked up at her, smiling.

“Maybe,” she ran her fingers across his chest, “Want to bet?”

Nolan’s burning chest was thumping and heaving while he looked at her. “What are we betting on?”

Maisie fell into his arms and kissed his lips. “If Barbara can get Helios. If I win, you’ll give me 15,000–”

She paused before staring straight into his eyes. “15,000,000 stars.”

When the sea and sky blended together in the morning, Maisie woke the kids up and went to the cafe on the ship for breakfast.

The cafe served breakfast from 7:00 a m. to 3:00 p.m., and it was still quiet at that hour.

Daisy saw Barbara right away and waved at her. “Aunt Barbara, good morning!”

Daisy sat next to her and yawned. “Mommy says that kids shouldn’t sleep in and should make it a habit to have breakfast.”

Maisie and Colton sat in their seats. “You don’t look like you slept well last night.

Insomnia?” Barbara played with her soup. “I miss my bed.” Maisie put her hand on her chin and smiled. “Oh, is that all?”


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