The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 891

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 891

Barbara looked sideways before casting her gaze outside of the window. “What were you going to tell me back then?”

It was only then Helios remembered the question he had wanted to ask before she interrupted him.

“About that… What I wanted to ask is why… Why would you do that last night?”

He did not know how to word his question. He was not disgusted by the kiss last night. It was just that there was a strange feeling that he could not understand. Barbara pressed her lips and fell silent for a long while. She grabbed the cup tightly and asked, “Do you want to hear the truth?”

He looked at her.

Barbara took a deep breath and tried to hide her embarrassment by smiling. “…My emotions got the best of me last night, and I just lost it. Of course, if it caused you any trouble, we could pretend it didn’t happen.” When Maisie heard what Barbara had said, she frowned. ‘She was so bold last night, but she chickened out today?’

Nolan popped a piece of meat into Maisie’s mouth and said, “Seems like I won.” “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” Maisie replied. “Who knows?

Maybe there will be a comeback.”

She had made a bet with Nolan last night. 1 i Helios could get into a relationship, he had to give her 15,000,000 stars, and he had to figure out how he should give them to her.

Nolan couldn’t help himself and chuckled again. “If both of them really start a relationship, will you still ship Helios and me?”

Maisie tossed a piece of meat back into Nolan’s mouth and replied, “It won’t affect the relationship between Barbara and I even if I ship you and Helios.”

Nolan was rendered speechless.

At the same time, Helios frowned slightly after listening to what Barbara said. He parted his lips slightly and asked, “Really? We should pretend it didn’t happen?”

Barbara was stunned, and she wondered if she had said something wrong. “I’m just-” “If you can pretend nothing happened,” Helios chimed in, his gaze fixing on the blanket of blue in the distance, “Why don’t you consider me first?”

Barbara did not say anything. He retracted his gaze and sat upright, his face turning stern. The gentle Helios was gone.

“At least I don’t like being treated like a fool.”

Treated like a fool?

Barbara nearly jumped up and shouted, ‘I’m not treating you like a fool!”

She did not make any effort to lower her voice, and everyone in the cafe, including Maisie, turned their heads at the same time to look at her.

The guests who appeared in the cafe were all those who had attended the birthday banquet last night, and naturally, they all knew Helios, so they were shocked and incredulous that a woman would “toy with’ Helios.

“It isn’t like what you guys think!” Barbara waved her hand, and then she pitched her voice low to explain to Helios, “Mr.

Boucher, I’m not treating you like a fool. Yes, it was my fault last night. I had a bad intention in the first place, and I should have held back.”


Maisie covered her mouth and fell into Nolan’s arms when she heard how Barbara explained herself.

Helios narrowed his eyes but did not say anything and waited for Barbara to finish her sentence. “It was you who got close to me first, Mr. Boucher. I thought you were drunk and you wouldn’t remember it, so … I just gave in to my desire.”

After she finished speaking, she wiped up a forced smile at him.

Helios lowered his eyes and replied, “Okay.”


Barbara was dumbfounded. She had said s o many things, and his reply was just an “okay”?

‘As expected. I’m too aggressive, and he thinks I’m an easy woman.’

After all, Helios had never fallen in love with anyone before. He did not even have any scandal with any women throughout his entire career.

If his fans knew that she had kissed him, she was confident that they would tear her apart.


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