The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 892

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 892

How could Barbara really expect that Helios was also interested in her?

After a long while, Helios placed the cup near his lips and lifted his head to look at her. “I indeed had an urge to kiss you last night.”

Barbara was stunned. After that, she forced a smile onto her face and said, “You must be drunk…”

“Not really…” Helios replied after a long while, “I was wide awake at that time.”

Barbara froze in her spot. She was wondering if her brain or her ears were playing a trick on her. He had not been drunk. Instead, he had been wide awake.

‘Does this not mean that he knew I was teasing him with those words last night?’

The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to find a hole and bury herself in it. The ship returned to the Bass Wave Port in the afternoon. Ryleigh and her group came down from the ship. Her allergies had mostly subsided, but her eyes’ puffiness was still visible with the mask on. Louis took off his hat and put it on her head, stunning her. When she turned her head around, she saw that Barbara was walking away in a hurry.

She asked curiously, “Why is Barbara walking so fast?”

Colton and Daisie were walking behind her. Colton giggled when they heard Ryleigh’s question and replied, “Aunt Barbara must have been shy.”


Ryleigh thought for a while, and it was only then she remembered Barbara had kissed her cousin last night.

When that thought popped into her mind, she began to look around in the crowd for her cousin. She saw that Helios had sent his parents to the car. He was saying something to them before they entered the car.

Initially, Barbara was hoping that someone could fetch her home while they were on their way back, but apparently, no one was going the same way as her.

Then, Helios’ car appeared beside her. He rolled down the window and said, “Hop in.’

She was stunned and hesitated for a few seconds before opening the door.

Ryleigh was so shocked that she was petrified.

“When… When did they start seeing each other?”

Louis turned his head around to look at her. “I don’t think that’s your business, right?”

Standing with her hands on her hips, she lifted her chin to look at him and said,” Why is it not my business?”

“I don’t want to continue this conversation with you,” Louis said as he dusted his shirt. After that, he lowered himself with his eyebrows lifted and smiled at her. “If you have the leisure to care about others, why not put more effort into our own business?”

Her face turned so red that even the mask she was wearing couldn’t hide that she was embarrassed now. She turned her head away.

“I want to go home.”

The two kids looked at them in confusion. Suddenly, Daisie grabbed Colton’s hand and asked, “Colton, I think we can’t call her’ Godmother’ anymore. We should call her ‘Aunt’.”

Colton nodded with assent.

She turned her head around and saw Tristan walking up to her parents with Nollace. After he said something to them, he asked Nollace to follow them.

Nollace watched as Tristan left. Under the sun, his beautiful face was filled with disappointment.


Nollace was stunned. He turned around and saw Daisie was running toward him, her face brimming with a bright smile.

Seeing how much Daisie liked Nollace, Maisie knew she did not have to worry about them. Nollace wouldn’t feel bored when he was staying at the Goldmann mansion.

Colton crossed his arms in front of his chest. He turned his head sideways and mumbled, “You don’t even address him with his full name anymore?

He was her brother, yet she had never called him anything sweet like “Colty” before.

Jerking her head around, Daisie replied,” Nolly is our cousin, so why can’t I call him that?”

Colton stood with his arms on his hips and refuted matter-of-tactly, “He might be younger than you.”

After a short silence, Noilace said, “I was born in June.”

Colton was rendered speechless.

When Daisie saw her brother had frozen in place, she went closer to him and asked,” Colton, didn’t you tell me that Nolly is younger than


Colton harrumphed and turned his face away.

Looking at the three of them, Daisie couldn’t help but remember Wayion, who was still overseas. Whenever Colton and Daisie were fighting, as their eldest brother, Wayion would not join them in their fight, just like Nollace right now.


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