The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 893

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 893

Alfred sent them back to the Goldmann mansion first. When Nolan was not getting into the car, Maisie asked, “Are we not leaving?”

Nolan wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered into her ear, “Didn’t I tell you that I’m going to give you flowers?”

Maisie was even more confused.

‘Isn’t he just going to give me some flowers? Why does he make it like it’s so mysterious?”

However, she was wrong. When they returned to the Blue Bay villa and stepped into the courtyard-the spectacular scene before her eyes stunned her.

There were blue roses everywhere, filling

the courtyard to the brim.

The blue roses and the fire-red flowers hanging on the tree set off each other beautifully under the greenery and blue sky and white clouds.

Maisie was so stunned that she had forgotten to cover her mouth. The surprise came too suddenly.

Nolan hugged her from her back and rested his chin on her shoulder. He pitched his voice low and asked, “Do you like it?”

“H-How did you do that?”

Blue roses were genetically modified roses. It was inserted with a sequence of genes from tri-colored Hoary Stocks that stimulated the production of blue pigments. That was why the rose was blue in color.

However, blue roses did not bloom at this time of year.

She initially thought they were fake, but the faint flower fragrance was telling her that these were the real deal. Nolan chuckled. “Well, everything is possible if you have money.” Maisie was rendered speechless.

Nolan was right. Everything would be possible as long as one had money.

He caressed her head gently and continued. “I’ll get a few experienced gardeners to take care of the garden. If you have anything you want to plant later, you can let them know.”

Maisie turned around, threw herself into his arms, and wrapped her arms around his neck. There was a smile in her eyes as she said, “Can I grow some vegetables or fruit?”

Nolan was stunned for a moment. A smile appeared at the corner of his eyes as he said, “Sure. You can grow whatever you want.”

#Mr. Goldmann’s wife lavishly booked a cruise ship to celebrate Mr. Goldmann’s birthday, as well as to propose to him on the scene. “They’re just like the king and the queen in the fairy tale,” the netizens commented.#

The news swept over the Internet, and it garnered even more attention than a popular artist. It became the hottest topic on Google Trends. It even surpassed the scandal” between Helios and Barbara, pushing their topic to No. 10.

Maizie’s face was getting darker and darker as she read the news from the


Even though she was staying with the Bouchers because she was pregnant, none of them treated her like she was their own. Francisco refused to come back, and even the maids looked down on her.

She wanted a proposal and a wedding as well.

However, her wedding had been postponed to next year. Elder Master Boucher also wanted them to keep a low profile. They had not even announced the engagement to the public by now, and she did not even have a ring.

She had been under the impression she could twirl the Bouchers around her fingers with the baby, but it seemed to her that she was wrong.

Suddenly, Katrina sent her a message and told her that she had only one day left.

When Maizie saw the message, she tossed the phone on the bed.

$8,000,000! Where the hell should I get $ 8,000,000 from?’

Suddenly, something flashed across her mind.

‘Oh yeah. Didn’t Francisco’s father have a wedding ring that cost more than $3,000,000?’

Katrina had asked Maisie to make a copy of the wedding for her before.

He rarely put on the ring after he got a divorce from his wife. Besides, after she came to live with the Bouchers, she noticed that Eugene refused to let the maids touch the drawer in his study room. He had told them that there was something very important to him there, and they would need to bear the consequences if it were lost. Maizie reckoned that the ring must be there.

‘I can ask Katrina to get the fake ring after I give her the money. Then, I’ll put the fake ring back into the drawer, and Eugene won’t notice anything.’

When nobody was watching in the afternoon, Maizie snuck into the study room and began searching for the ring. As she expected, she found it in the drawer.


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