The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 895

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 895

It seemed to Maisie that she needed to go to Kennedy’s house and check for it herself.

At the Boucher manor…

When Maizie returned to the Boucher manor and saw Eugene was sitting in the living room. She was stunned, and her shirt was wet from her cold sweat.

She forced herself to calm down and greeted him, “Mr. Boucher, what are you doing here?”

Eugene was sipping on his coffee.

Although he was not satisfied with Maizie being his daughter-in-law, she was pregnant with his grandson, so he had no other choice but to accept her.

You shouldn’t go out so often since you’re pregnant. I’ll ask Francisco to take you for a maternity check- up in a couple of days.”

It seemed to Maizie that he did not know that she had taken the ring away. She heaved a sigh of relief and nodded with a smile. “Okay, Mr. Boucher. I’ll go back to my room first.”

After that, she went upstairs.

Eugene lowered his head and looked at the ripples on his coffee with a gloomy face. When Samantha had been pregnant, he had let her go for the maternity check-up herself…

Maizie snuck into the study room after going upstairs and put the ring back into the box. When she came out of the study room, she saw that Francisco was standing at the door and looking at her.

She was stunned.

Francisco looked at her expressionlessly and asked suspiciously, “What were you doing in my father’s study room?”

Maizie’s face turned slightly pale. She forced herself to calm down and bit her lips. “I… I wanted to see if there were any books I could read or something. I’m bored at home sometimes…”

“Hah!” Francisco let out a sarcastic smile.” Do you really think I don’t know what you’re doing there?”

Maizie’s expression changed. “Francisco, how could you say that to me? If you think I’ve taken something from this room, you can

check my body.”

She spread her arms open to let him check her body. After all, she had put the ring back, and she was not afraid to let him check her anymore.

Francisco took a step back. His eyes were filled with disgust as he said, “I don’t even want to touch you. Don’t you ever dare to step into my father’s study room again.”

After that, he turned around and left.

Maizie stood frozen stiff after listening to what Francisco had said.

It was true that she did not like Francisco at all. All she ever wanted was to be the daughter-in-law of the Bouchers.

However, she was kind of heartbroken when he said he did not want to touch her at all. Was she really that bad?

She couldn’t understand how Maisie could marry a gentle, handsome, and rich man like Nolan while she didn’t deserve to have such happiness,

She just couldn’t accept it.

Her phone rang again, and it was Katrina. She was reminding her again, and Maizie’s face turned grim.

Maisie drove to Kennedy’s house. She got out of the car and looked at the ajar door.

She pushed the door open and walked into the courtyard. The door of the house was left open, and she could hear Kennedy’s laughter from inside.

“Uncle Kennedy has a girlfriend! I should probably go in and see her.’

However, just as she stepped into the living room, she was stunned.

Kennedy was squatting in front of a baby chair, playing with a baby. The baby in the baby chair was only a few months old. She had a pacifier between her lips, and her eyes were big and black and watery. She grabbed Kennedy’s finger with her tiny hand and giggled.

Maisie opened her mouth and asked,” Uncle Kennedy?”

Kennedy was dumbstruck. He jerked his head around and was stunned again when he saw Maisie. “Zee, what are you…”

Maisie looked at the baby in the baby chair and asked, “W-When did you have a baby?”

‘Uncle Kennedy is married and has a baby? And the baby is a few months old already? Why didn’t I know anything about it?!’

Just as Kennedy rose to his feet, the baby cried. He held the baby in his arms and comforted her, “Alright, alright, stop crying. Look, it’s your aunt. She’s here to see you.”

However, the baby was still crying loudly. Maisie shook her head and reached out for the baby.

“Uncle Kennedy, let me hold her.”


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