The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 896

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 896

Kennedy handed her the baby.

Maisie held the soft baby in her arms, and her heart softened the moment she got in touch with the tiny human being. She patted her lightly on the back and coaxed her, and soon, the baby stopped crying and started smiling at her.

Kennedy laughed when he saw this scene.” Just look at her. Sure enough, women are still superior when it comes to taking care of children,”

Maisie placed the pacifier back into the baby’s mouth, turned her head toward Kennedy, and asked, “Uncle Kennedy, you haven’t answered my question yet. This girl

*This isn’t my child. It’s a long story. Kennedy sighed. He walked to the couch, sat down, and explained, “I found this child in the rain about a month ago.”

Maisie was astonished. “You found her?”

Kennedy nodded.

He talked about the rainy day a month ago, when he had been on his way to a nearby supermarket for some groceries with an umbrella. When he had passed by a back alley, he found a waste cardboard box lying under the eaves. He had not originally planned to take a closer look, but he heard the weak cry from the cardboard box.

Something had felt wrong to him, so he went under the eaves and opened the cardboard box, and it turned out to be a baby girl.

She had only been about two months old when she was abandoned. Not to mention that it had been so cold, and she was wearing nothing. Other than the baby girl, the box had been empty, her skin had already turned bright pink from the cold, and her voice had sounded hoarse from all the crying

He could not bear it, so he brought the baby girl back home. He had then brought her to the hospital for a series of tests, and the baby was fine and healthy. Later, he had gone to the police station for some inquiries. Unfortunately, the police could only suggest that he adopt her or send her to any social welfare facilities for an abandoned baby with no family background or identification.

“I thought the child’s parents had already abandoned her when she was still so young, so I adopted her.”

After listening to Kennedy’s explanation, Maisie could not help but feel pity and sympathy for the baby, giggling at her in her arms. ‘She’s been abandoned by her parents when she’s so young.’ Maisie stretched out her finger and lightly poked her tiny cheek. The moment the baby reached out and held her finger, Maisie’s heart melted.

Kennedy smiled. “This child is very lovely, isn’t she?” “Yeah, Daisie was quite a crybaby when she was her age, but this child really loves to laugh.” Thinking of something, Maisie asked, “Have you given her a name?”

Kennedy was caught off guard. “No.”

Maisie looked at the baby in her arms tenderly and suggested, “Since she has such a precious smile, let’s just call her Sapphie, short for Sapphire. It even sounds nice when it’s coupled with your last name, Uncle Kennedy.”

Kennedy murmured absentmindedly,” Sapphire Fannon, that sounds nice.”

“By the way. Uncle Kennedy,” Maisie recalled something, “Have you been taking care of this child by yourself recently?”

Kennedy was about to answer the question when a woman appeared outside the door with two handfuls of baby products.

What Maisie did not expect was that the woman who arrived at the door was actually Samantha.

Samantha only gave off a smile when she saw Maisie. “It’s nice to see you, Ms.


Maisie took a glance at Kennedy and then looked at Samantha, who was walking up to her. “Aunt Samantha, you…”

Kennedy took the baby products that Samantha was carrying. “I’m sorry to have to bother you again.”

“You’re welcome.” Samantha looked at Maisie again. “Mr. Fannon has no experience in taking care of a child, so he’s asked me to take care of the baby on his behalf these days.”

“So that’s how it is.” Maisie’s smirk intensified, and she handed the baby in her arms to Samantha.

Samantha held the baby in her arms and made cute expressions to the baby affectionately, entertaining the baby. And the baby started giggling again, her peals of laughter extremely contagious.


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