The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 897

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 897

“I just can’t understand what the parents of this child were thinking. They actually managed to make up their mind to abandon such a lovely child.” Samantha grumbled.

Looking at Samantha’s gaze when she was staring at the child, Maisie could see that she really loved children.

Maisie thought of the baby she had been carrying three years ago. If the child had not been lost in the accident back then, it should be about two years old now.

Kennedy put the baby products away and went into the kitchen. “I guess none of you have had lunch. I’ll cook us something.”

Maisie and Samantha were teasing and playing with the baby together. After a while, the baby started giving off cues, indicating that she was hungry, so Samantha went to make her some infant formula milk. After all, neither of them had any breast milk to feed her.

Seeing the baby sucking the milk from the bottle, Maisie chuckled.

“Do you know how Francisco has been doing recently?” Samantha asked Maisie all of a sudden. Maisie paused for a split second and replied, “I’m not very sure, but… I heard that he’s about to get married.”

Samantha was flustered for a bit and laughed. “Really?”

Maisie did not know what to say.

‘I would give Maizie my blessing if she wanted to marry Francisco sincerely, but I’m afraid that the purpose behind the marriage isn’t as simple as it seems.

What’s more, she once conspired with Tony and disrupted Nolan’s plan, and Saydie almost had to suffer big time because of them. I always have a feeling that Maizie won’t want to settle down so peacefully.’

“What’s the girl’s personality like?” To Samantha, who did not know anything, it was only natural for her to feel delighted as a mother when she learned that her son was about to get married.

Maisie lowered her gaze and smiled. “You’ll know when you get to meet her in person.”

The night sky was dark, and the Neon Light District of the city was cold and desolate. The only dimmed street lamp that had been standing at the intersection of the alley for decades illuminated its surroundings in yellow, and the rest of the area was pitch black.

Katrina walked out of the alley. After moving out of her original apartment, she rented a cheaper apartment around the area. She had also lost her high-paying job at Glitz, so she could only work the night shifts at a nearby convenience store.

She had just walked out of the alley and looked down at her phone for a second.

A shriek caused by a car’s abrupt brake pierced through the cold air. It was then followed by a loud impact which caused the alarms of the cars parked on the side of the road to go off.

A nearby resident turned on the lights and looked out the window to get a better idea of what was going on when he saw a car whizzing past the intersection, while the ground was stained with blood, and that was when he saw the woman…

The scene was quickly closed off by the police.

The resident who had witnessed the accident was the person who called the police. He cooperated with the police by providing all the information that he knew throughout the investigation.

He was gravely frightened by the scene too. “I-I heard a loud noise, and the alarms of some of the cars parked on the side of the road went off, and it was very loud. When I got up and took a look out of the window, I saw a car escaping the scene after hitting someone.”

The police let the witness go after asking a few questions. Katrina’s body was placed into a body bag, carried into the coroner’s van, and brought away from the scene. Officer Zaleski flipped through Katrina’s personal belongings and found an ID card in her handbag. ‘Katrina Zalensky.

Officer Zaleski frowned.

‘Why does this name sound so familiar?’

He then went through her phone-its screen already shattered but still functioning-and handed it over to his subordinate. “Get someone from the tech department to crack the passcode, retrieve all her call records as soon as possible, and contact her family.”

At 2:30 a m., Barbara was woken up by a phone call. She fumbled around for her phone and picked up the call without even taking a look at the caller’s ID. “It’s in the middle of the night. What’s the matter?”

The other party said something to Barbara that woke her up in an instant.

At the hospital’s mortuary…

Barbara hurried over and saw a doctor and three police officers standing outside in the corridor.

Officer Zaleski turned to look at her.

She walked toward them and asked,” Katrina, is she…”

Officer Zaleski replied, “You’re Ms. Chase. Ms. Zalensky was killed in a car accident. We’re currently investigating the perpetrator who escaped the scene.”


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