The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 898

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 898

Barbara stared blankly at the door of the morgue. Nothing was going through her mind, and her lips slowly closed after a long time. “T-This is impossible.”

She could not believe it at all.

‘Katrina is dead? But how could a woman a s cunning and scheming as her die just like that?’

Officer Zaleski stared at her. “Ms. Chase, would you like to cross-check her body?”.

Barbara did not speak.

She followed Officer Zaleski into the morgue and stopped right in front of the refrigerated storage cabinet where corpses were stored. Officer Zaleski opened Freezer #16, and the woman lying inside was indeed Katrina.

The astonishment in Barbara’s eyes gradually turned into gloominess. She pursed her lips tightly, not knowing what to say and feel at the moment.

After a long time, she said with difficulty,” I’ll inform my father about this.”

Maisie did not know about Katrina’s accidental death until two days later, and Nolan was the one who broke the news to her.

“That sudden?” Even Maisie was shocked. After all, Katrina was considered someone she knew and met but was not very familiar with. Nolan flipped through the magazine and took a sip of coffee. “Life could end in just a blink of an eye, and no one can ever predict what will happen tomorrow.”

Maisie lowered her gaze and face. She actually felt rather disturbed when she heard the news, knowing that a living person had turned

into a cold corpse all of a sudden.

She could not help but think of her father and Cherie. She put her silverware down. “Hubby, bring me to my father and Cherie’s graves when you have the time.” Nolan paused in the middle of a page turn, raised his head, and stared at her.

At Skyhigh Condo…

The doorbell rang a few times before Barbara put the wine glass down, got up, and stumbled to the door to open it.

As soon as the door was opened, the first thing that assaulted Helios’ nostrils was the strong alcohol smell that originated from her body and the room.

Barbara stared at him. “It’s you?”

She then turned around, walked back into the room, and sat on the floor under the couch. There was a bottle of red wine that was about to bottom out sitting on the table, the curtains were not drawn, and the light in the room was dim.

Helios walked up to the window and opened the curtains. The dazzling sunshine made Barbara raise her hand to block it subconsciously.

“You’re drinking again.” Helios stopped in front of her and blocked the light. He stood against the light, and the shadows on his face made his facial features look even more three-dimensional.

“I’m upset.” Barbara raised her head, took a sip from the wine glass in her hand, and smiled in a daze. “The person I hate is now dead. Is that a good thing or not?”

Helios knew exactly who she was talking about.

He turned around, sat on the couch, and grabbed the wine glass from her. “Stop drinking already.”

He poured the wine in the glass into the trash can.

Barbara tilted her head, stared blankly at him, and burst into laughter abruptly. “Are you worried about me?” Helios put the glass on the table and did not answer.

Barbara turned to her side, rested her elbow on the couch, and propped her head against her palm. “Do you know? Although I didn’t really like Katrina… I was still a little sad when I learned that she died.” Helios tilted his head, and his gaze was fixed on her slightly flushed cheeks. She looked as if she was drunk most of the time but also sober from time to time, and her eyes looked a little hazy but also sharp at times, making him a little confused about whether she was drunk or not.

Barbara told him a lot again this time around, and Helios listened quietly without interrupting like the other night.

Barbara was probably the only one who spoke throughout the whole conversation. As such, she looked up at him suddenly.” Why aren’t you talking?”

Helios’s eyes shifted from side to side. “I’m listening to you.” “No, you have to talk to me too.” Barbara got up from the floor.

She felt fine when she was sitting, but the tipsiness caught up to her as soon as she stood up, so she staggered forward, tripped, and fell into his arms.


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