The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 899

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 899

Helios caught her subconsciously, but it was more like a hug. Barbara’s cheeks rested on his broad shoulders, and her fluffy hair was rubbing against his neck.

He sat stiffly as his Adam’s apple rolled before raising his hand to press her head that was tickling his neck downward.

In a blink of an eye, he felt a sudden pressure being placed on his upper body and realized that Barbara had fallen asleep with her head tilted and resting against his shoulder and neck. Her shallow breaths gently brushed against his neck, and a strange feeling seemed to have found its way into his heart.

He sighed helplessly, picked up Barbara horizontally, brought her into the bedroom, put her on the bed, and tucked the blanket for her.

He stood by the bed for a moment before leaving quietly.

Nina parked the car at the side entrance of Skyhigh Condo, lifted the rearview mirror, and looked at Helios when he got in the car. “Mr. Boucher, is Ms. Chase okay?”

Nina knew that Barbara was the woman who shared the rumor with Helios a few days ago, not to mention that Helios had found her accommodation and had even come to visit her. Thus, their relationship must not be that simple.

Helios had long passed the age of an idol, and his fans had collectively urged him to get married multiple times, so even if Helios were to announce that he was in a relationship, most of his fans would still choose to give him their blessings.

“She’s fine.” He lowered his head and scrolled through his phone, only to see the press that the police had released just minutes ago.

The police also uploaded the surveillance video that showed Katrina being hit and killed that night.

In the video, the car stopped for a few seconds after hitting Katrina and then rolled over her body during its escape. The perpetrator’s identity had been spread all over the Internet, and it was a suspect who was involved in a breaking and entering incident that had taken place in Asperia four years ago.

Helios squinted slightly, feeling that Katrina’s accident was not as simple as it looked.

At the hospital…

After going through the obstetric examination, Maizie walked out of the medical room and saw that all Francisco had been doing was looking down at his phone and ignoring her all this while.

Naturally, her expression slightly dimmed.

‘When other husbands come to the maternity check-ups with their wives, they stay by their side throughout the whole process. Meanwhile, my husband doesn’t even seem to want others to know about our relationship.’

She bit her lip. approached him, and rubbed her abdomen. “Francisco, the doctor said that this baby will be a boy”

Francisco swiped his finger over his cell phone screen, lifted his gaze, and glanced a ther. “So what if it’s a boy or a girl? Does it have anything to do with me?” He wanted to leave, but Maizie held him back. “But this is your child too, Francisco. Can you bear to watch as the child is born without a father’s love?”

Francisco freed his hand off her grasp, dusted the sleeve that she had touched, and said with no expression, “I never touched you that night, and I know that. Don’t you ever think that I’ll really marry you

just because you used a despicable means of spiking my beverage and slandering me.”

Looking at Maizie’s slightly pallid face, he sneered. “Since you’re saying that it’s my child, we’ll have to verify it before you come up with that statement.”

Maizie’s shoulders twitched, and she lowered her head and gaze just to cover the panic that she felt. After a while, she asked, “Then will you treat him well if I can prove that the baby belongs to you?

Francisco frowned.

‘It’d be the best if it’s not my child. At least I won’t have to marry her if that’s the case, but when she says so…’

He was actually a little worried.

What if it’s really mine? But how could that be possible? How could I have no recollection of touching her that night at all?’

He turned his head away impatiently.” We’ll only talk about it after the test.” He turned around and left without waiting for Maizie. The latter stood there, staring at his back and clenching her hands that were resting on both sides.

Maizie’s cell phone suddenly rang, and her gaze became even gloomier when she saw the caller’s ID.


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