The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 9

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 9

The next day, at Vaenna Jewelry… 

Maisie sat in her own office going through the designs of the company’s jewelry collections over the years and flung the files on the desk. “Where’s all the creativity? From what I see, they don’t even know the definition of the word ‘design’. Are all the jewelry that Vaenna Jewelry has spent so much money to manufacture over the years there to only make up the number?”

The staff standing in the office looked embarrassed. “Miss Zora, Director Vanderbilt said that all new designs should only follow Vaenna’s original design concept.”

Maisie leaned against the chair with her arms crossed and smiled. “What’s the original design concept that you’ve been following?”

She lifted the pictures and jewelry database. “These are completely inconspicuous rubbish when you show them to the fashion and jewelry industry. Director Vanderbilt is truly capable, huh? She fired all the elites in the design department right after taking office. And when Vaenna couldn’t even make any of its own products, she could only sell the leftovers from other companies. She can’t even lose money like a pro.”

The clerk stopped speaking.

Maisie stood up and said, “Take me to the raw material warehouse.”

“Okay.” The clerk nodded.

Maisie and the clerk walked toward the raw material warehouse and happened to run into a man that she did not want to see at the entrance of the elevators.

Nolan’s eyes dimmed slightly upon seeing that she had straight-up ignored him, and he turned around. “Wouldn’t you greet someone when you see them?”

Maisie stopped and thought that he was a man who could afford $150,000,000, after all. Thus, she gnashed her teeth, turned around, and smiled faintly. “Yes, it’s nice to see you, Mr. Goldmann.”

“Where are you going, Miss Vanderbilt?”

Maisie was dumbfounded. ‘He actually knows that I’m a Vanderbilt?’

Nolan walked up to her. “Where are you going?”

‘This man is indeed very idle.’

Maisie grinned. “Why ask? Should I ask for your permission every time I head over to the raw material warehouse, Mr. Goldmann?”

‘Willow’s man is quite controlling, huh?’

“Great, I also want to know what you can discover when you get to the raw material warehouse.”

Maisie was rendered speechless.

The raw material warehouse was a place where the ores and raw materials used to manufacture jewelry were stored. When the female staff turned on the lights, boxes could be seen stacked in the corners of the huge warehouse, and the rough diamonds that had not been cut were placed on the shelves on the table.

There was a cutting machine on the table, and all the materials were complete.

Maisie walked to the shelf, grabbed an ore, and took a good look at it. She then brought the gemstone and moved toward the cutting machine.

The female clerk was alarmed and asked hurriedly, “Miss Zora, what are you doing?”

Maisie did not answer. Instead, she used the machine to cut the rough diamond open, and she noticed something as soon as she got into one of the ores.

“Wow, Vaenna has even picked up the falsification of gemstones now?” Maisie picked up the cut rough diamond and walked to the female clerk. “Who’s in charge of the raw material warehouse?”

The clerk replied nervously, “It’s Director Chester.”

Maisie’s expression dimmed. “Ask Director Chester to come to see me immediately.”

Nolan walked up to the cut rough diamond and ran the stone across the ring that he had on his index finger. A shallow yet obvious scratch could be seen on its surface.

Maisie approached him with her arms crossed, lifted her eyebrows, and smirked. “Mr. Goldmann, this is your girlfriend’s company, after all, so aren’t you going to do something about the adulteration of its gemstones?”

Nolan lowered his eyes, turned around, and stared at her. “Isn’t this also the company that your mother founded?”

As soon as this fact was mentioned, the corners of Maisie’s lips stiffened.

“Making a huge fuss out of this won’t do you any good too. Just resolve it privately.” He continued lightly.

‘Resolve it privately?

‘Heh, the acquisition of this batch of rough diamonds must have been approved by Willow. According to the current market price, the cost of genuine rough diamonds products is extremely high, but the cost of semi-adulterated rough diamonds is very low.

‘I’ll let it slide if Willow doesn’t know anything about this, but I won’t just sit back and watch if she’s purchased a batch of semi-adulterated rough diamonds just because she can’t afford the high cost.’

“If it really is Willow…”

“She doesn’t know anything about jewelry, so it’s excusable for her to be deceived.” Nolan turned to look at Maisie and said with a nonchalant tone, “Don’t come up with a conclusion so casually if you haven’t gotten to the bottom of this issue.”

Maisie chuckled inwardly. ‘He does sound a bit like Waylon when he’s trying to justify a fault… Wait a minute, what am I thinking?’

“Director Chester is here.” The female clerk brought Director Chester into the warehouse.

Director Chester was still talking confidently to the clerk originally, but his expression changed instantly when he saw Nolan.

“Mr. Gold… Mr. Goldmann, why are you here?” Director Chester’s face turned pale.

Nolan walked up to him. “What happened to these adulterated rough diamonds?”

Director Chester started sweating on his forehead.

‘Crap, these rough diamonds were all purchased according to Miss Vanderbilt’s orders. If it were to be found out…

‘Even if I were to bring up Miss Vanderbilt, she is Mr. Goldmann’s lover. I’ll be the only one who will go down in flames when it’s revealed!’

“This… I wasn’t the original person responsible for this batch of ores. Director Zaleski, who has resigned, was the person in charge of these ores. I don’t know that these rough stones have been adulterated.”

‘The person has resigned anyway. I can only put him forward as the scapegoat.’

“You’re lying.” Maisie asserted and then questioned sternly, “Vaenna had never seen any adulterated rough stones when Xander Zaleski was in office. He had worked for Vaenna for 15 years, so wouldn’t he have been fired long ago if he had made such a dumb mistake?”

Director Chester was taken aback for a moment.

‘How does Miss Zora know that Xander had worked for Vaenna before this!?’

“Err… I really don’t know about that.”

“From my point of view, are you trying to stand in as the fall guy for someone else?” Maisie stared at him with her cold and solemn eyes.

Nolan gave her a sideways glance but did not utter a single word.

Willow appeared outside the door at that moment.


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