The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 900

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 900

“Ms. Hannigan, I’m doing things for you for the sake of Mr. Grant. However, Mr. Grant is in prison now, and I’ve helped you solve your trouble by killing someone.” The man then scoffed. “Now the police are looking for me everywhere, and I have to leave Bassburgh, but I’ II need some money to do so.”

Maizie replied sullenly, “Haven’t I already given you $500,000?” “Ms. Hannigan, how would $500,000 be enough? Mr. Grant gave you more than $ 500,000 back then, didn’t he? Besides, if I were to be caught by the police, I’d only spend 10 to 20 years in prison. But you’re different. You’re the mastermind of this murder, and let’s not forget your title as the future daughter-in-law of the Bouchers. It would be bad if this were to ruin your future.”

Maizie understood the underlying meaning of the man’s words and trembled with wrath. She had been under the impression everything would come to an end after getting someone to solve the trouble that she had initially. Still, she did not expect to have gotten help from another problematic person.

“I’ll pay you another $500,000, but you’d better keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, I’ll get my godfather to go after you when he gets out of prison.”

Samantha went to buy milk powder in the baby product section of the mall with a stroller. After buying the milk powder that she needed, she saw Eugene getting out of the car when she left the mall.

She took a glance at Eugene and said nothing.

Eugene was about to ask her something but then saw a few-month-old baby in the stroller that she was pushing and asked with a surprised expression, “Samantha, whose child.”

“Isn’t she adorable?” Samantha smiled at him and did not answer his question directly.

Eugene stood in front of the stroller. ‘This can’t be your child.”

Samantha’s brows creased for a split second. “Mr. Boucher, if there’s nothing else that you want to say, I’ll take my leave first.”

“Samantha,” Eugene stopped her from leaving, “Would you come back home for a short visit in a few days? Francisco is getting married next year, and his fiancee is currently pregnant too.”

Samantha was astonished, but she immediately lowered her gaze after thinking of something. “That’s great. You’re about to become a grandfather. I’ll go back and take a look when I have the time.”

She pushed the stroller and passed by Eugene without even looking back. Eugene watched her get into the car and leave, feeling disturbed as he missed the time when she was still by his side.

It was he who had not known how to cherish her, and it was he who had destroyed his happy family and marriage altogether.

Two days later, Nolan brought Maisie to the cemetery. Her father, Stephen, was buried next to her mother’s grave, and Cherie’s tombstone was also located near theirs.

Quincy also came with them to visit his sister. He brought along a bouquet of white daisies, which he then placed in front of Cherie’s tombstone, and stood there for a long time.

Maisie stood up slowly and turned to look at Nolan. “Thank you for organizing my father’s funeral on my behalf back then.”

Nolan put his arms around her shoulders and took her into his arms. “I’m his son-in-law, so that’s something that I should do too.”

Maisie lowered her gaze and stood next to him. The cool autumn breeze blew the withered leaves off the branches. The leaves were fluttering down like feathers and finally landed on the tombstone. While they were on their way back, Maisie received a call from Barbara, who was waiting for her at Soul.

Quincy parked the car at Soul’s entrance, and when Maisie was about to open the door and get out of the car, Nolan pulled her backward and kissed her lightly between her eyebrows. “I’ll pick you up after work.”

“Okay.” Maisie walked out of the car with a smile and watched the car leave before stepping into the company. When Maisie appeared at the door, Barbara was already sitting in her office waiting for her. “You’ve finally stepped out of your apartment?”

Barbara rubbed her forehead. “You should know about what happened to Katrina.”

Maisie took a seat on the couch opposite

Barbara. “Yeah, I know. It’s rather sudden.”


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