The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 901

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 901

“It was very sudden.” Barbara frowned, pondering. “But I think what happened to Katrina wasn’t an accident.”

Maisie was stunned. “Not an accident?”

She nodded. “I went to see the surveillance footage at the police station during the past two days. The car lingered in the area she got into an accident for a long time. I think it was a planned accident.”

Maisie held her chin in thought. “Do you think Katrina made anyone angry?” Barbara thought for some time. “She met Maizie the day of the incident.”


Maisie squinted. Katrina knew Maizie.

Barbara looked at her. “The driver who killed Katrina in the accident, Gideon Robinson, was an escaped criminal from Asperia. I have a feeling that this Gideon might have known Katrina, but I don’t know what she did to anger him.”

A convict had come all the way to Bassburgh and killed someone in an accident, and that someone happened to be Katrina. That was too much of a coincidence.

Maisie looked up. “I’ll get Nolan to look into Gideon. We might be able to find something.”

Maisie sent a message to Nolan, who was looking at a file in the office.

Gideon Robinson was born and raised in Asperia. He had accidentally killed the owner of a house they broke into four years ago. His accomplices had been arrested, and only he had managed to escape,

The odd thing was none of his accomplices had ratted him out, and the incident was covered up in Asperia quickly.

At that moment, Quincy walked in. “Mr. Goldman.” He placed the file on the desk and said, “I’ve looked into Gideon’s background. He works for Tony Grant.”

Nolan opened the folder and noticed all the information was related to Tony Grant. Gideon hadn’t been hunted after the breaking and entering incident because Tony had used his influence over the Asperia PD and saved him. “The funny thing is that Gideon and Katrina never met, so there probably wasn’t anything between them.” Quincy thought that Gideon killing Katrina wasn’t because of their own grievances. Nolan looked around. “Someone probably paid off Gideon.” “Paid him off?” Quincy was curious. Nolan looked at him. “Look into his bank account and check if he recently received a huge sum of money.” Quincy nodded. “Alright.”

In the evening, Maisie walked out of the office and saw Nolan’s car parked not far away. She got into the car, and Nolan handed her a folder. “The information about Gideon is in here.”

Maisie took it and raised her brow. “You worked pretty quickly.”

Nolan laughed and leaned in. “Really? Are you going to reward me?” Maisie looked at Quincy and immediately approached Nolan to plant a kiss on his cheek, then sat back in her seat, looking proper.

Nolan smiled because that was why she loved her.

She read the information about Gideon and was momentarily surprised. “He works for Tony Grant?” Nolan nodded. “He didn’t seem to have any grudges against Katrina, but he probably was paid to run her over.”

Maisie paused.

If someone had paid Gideon to run over Katrina, then who would want to get rid of her?

She immediately remembered her conversation with Barbara. “By the way. Barbara came to see me today and said that on the day of her accident, Katrina met with Maizie. They didn’t seem too happy after their chat.”

Quincy looked into the rear-view mirror.” Maizie?” He thought for a moment and said suspiciously, “Maizie and Tony Grant are related, and since Gideon works for Tony, he might know Maizie.”


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