The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 902

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 902

Nolan didn’t finish his sentence.

Maisie arranged the files and raised her brows with suspicion. “We need to find evidence that Maizie wanted to kill Katrina

Even if they suspected Maizie, they couldn’t prove that Maizie had paid off Gideon without evidence.

Quincy said, “Once we find out where the money in Gideon’s account came from, we might get our answer.”

Meanwhile, at the Bouchers…

When Maizie told Elder Master Boucher that she would give birth to a son, Richard was delighted and asked the entire family to dine together. He even got a few more dishes for the babysitter.

Maizie was secretly pleased that Richard cared about the great-grandson she was carrying so much.

She looked at Francisco, who was quiet and with a stoic expression. If Richard accepted her because of the baby, she wouldn’t need to care if Francisco was happy about it. She was going to marry into the family. Richard looked at Helios. “Look at Francisco. He’s getting married soon.

You’re older than him and aren’t getting any younger. Why aren’t you worried about getting married yet?”

Helios slowly enjoyed his dinner without looking up, his expression calm. “I don’t want to rush it.”

Maizie smiled. “I heard that Hels had a scandal with Ms. Chase a while ago.

Everyone online was saying she was your girlfriend~”

“I don’t think you should call me Hels,” Helios calmly cut in, not even looking at her.

Maizie looked embarrassed. Sooner or later, she would be able to call him Hels, but what did he mean by that? Did he think that she wasn’t worthy of calling him that? Yael and Christina didn’t correct what their son said, especially Christina. She looked at Maizie with a sharp glare. “It’s not the right time to call him that because we don’t even know if you’re really going to be part of the family yet.”

Despair could be seen in Maizie’s eyes, but it immediately disappeared. She pressed her lips together as if she had been wronged, but she had to play along. “I… I understand. I’m sorry, I’ll take note of that.

Richard was upset. “What did you mean by that?”

“Father, we didn’t mean anything. You are aware of Ms. Hannigan’s reputation. Even if she’s pregnant with your great-grandson, if the mother’s reputation affects our family name, what will people think when the child is born? All people need to do to get into the family is to get pregnant? As for the child, to be safe, we should test if he is related to us.”

Christina’s words were sharp, and it was obvious that Maizie hated it.

Richard fell silent.

Christina had been taking care of the family name ever since she became part of the family, and he trusted this daughter-in-law of his. What she said made sense too. Given Maizie’s reputation, it would be best to get a DNA test for the sake of the family name.

Maizie’s hand that was under the table balled into a fist, her nails digging into her palm. She looked at Richard worriedly.” Grandpa-”

“Maizie, Christina is right. We care about the child you’re carrying because he is our descendant, but to be safe, we’ll need you to get a DNA test once the baby is born.”

Richard wasn’t too harsh about it and showed her some respect. After hearing that, Maizie had to smile and compromise even if she was still angry. “Alright.”

When that day came, she would have a way to get away with it.


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