The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 903

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 903

“Father, there’s no need to wait for the child to be born. We can take a sample now.”

“Mrs… Mrs. Boucher, getting a sample now isn’t good for the baby.” Maizie turned pale. She hated Christina, who had been trying to stop her. Why wouldn’t this old woman just die?

Christina’s expression remained the same. “Don’t worry. We’ll find an expert and won’t hurt the baby or you.”


“Ms. Hannigan, isn’t your child Francisco’s? Why are you hesitant? If you want to be part of the family, you need to take care of the family name, right?” Christina was very pushy, and Maizie almost lost it because she was so nervous. She was lucky that Richard defused the situation by saying, “Enough, the food is getting cold. We should finish it.” Maizie heaved a sigh of relief, but she was still worried and didn’t dare let her guard down. She took another look at Christina, then bit her lip. Her existence was a threat to her.

She snapped out of it and then noticed Helios’ eyes. Her heart dropped, but she pretended that nothing was wrong and continued her meal.

At the Blue Bay villa…

Maisie made a cup of coffee and brought it into the study. Nolan sat behind his desk with his glasses on, wearing a clean white shirt. The collar slightly covered Adam’s apple, just like the forbidden fruit that it was, giving out a cold vibe.

Maisie placed the cup on the desk, hugged his shoulders from behind, and chuckled.” You look so attractive when you’re focused.” Nolan paused, then smiled. “How attractive?” Maisie smiled shyly as she got close to his ear. “So attractive I want to… pin you down.” Nolan held out his hand, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her onto his lap. “You want to pin me down?” She ran her finger over his Adam’s apple, shy but seductive. “What do you think?” Nolan laughed as he tapped the tip of her nose with his finger. “Do you know what you remind me of?” Maisie batted her eyelashes. “What?’ His eyes were filled with joy, “A seductive concubine.”

Maisie scoffed. “If I’m the seductive concubine, then are you the useless king?” Nolan put his lips close to her cheeks, and his hot breath scattered over her skin. “I don’t mind being the useless king if I can be in your arms.”

He kissed her, and Maisie hugged him back.

Nolan still had a little logic left in him. “Be good, Zee. Let me finish what I’m doing first, alright?” Maisie pouted and pretended to be unhappy. “You have to make it up after that.”

He kissed the top of her head. “Alright.”

He continued working with her between

his arms.

Maisie leaned on his shoulder like a child, breathing in the scent of body shampoo. After a short while, she started feeling sleepy.

When Nolan was done with work, he looked down and realized the person in his arms was already asleep and smiled. “You wanted me to make it up, but now you’re asleep.”

He pecked her between her eyebrows and carried her into the room.

The next day, at Soul…

Maisie walked back into her office and couldn’t help but sigh. She had fallen asleep last night, and Nolan didn’t even wake her up!

At that moment, she received a message from Quincy.

She checked it and saw that it was a surveillance video. When she watched it, she was shocked.

In the afternoon, she showed the video to Barbara, who looked surprised after watching it. “You got the surveillance video from the cafe

Maisie nodded. “You might be right.


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