The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 904

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 904

Barbara was stunned and didn’t speak after a long time. She finished watching the video, and her brows were tightly scrunched together.

Katrina had asked Maizie for $8,000,000, and even more shocking was that Katrina knew that the baby Maizie was carrying wasn’t Francisco’s.

Was that Maizie’s motive?

After a long pause, Barbara thought with her hand under her chin. “I saw Maizie with a man I’ve never seen before the other day.”

“When was that?”

“The day before Katrina got into an accident,” Barbara recollected. “That man sent her to the cafe, and something seemed to be going on between them.”

Maizie was pregnant but claimed that the baby was Francisco’s. Katrina had obviously known that it wasn’t, so she used this secret to blackmail Maizie for $ 8,000,000.

Maisie narrowed her eyes. “I think Maizie was planning to lie to the Bouchers, trying to get into the family with the baby she’s carrying. “She’s quite cunning, so she shouldn’t have left a trace. It will be pretty difficult to find out who the baby’s father is.” Barbara looked down. Katrina’s death must be related to Maizie, and now that Maizie was getting into the Boucher family with the child, the only way to stop it was to get enough evidence.

Maisie was quiet while she kept her eyes on the screen.

Meanwhile, at Blackgold…

Nolan sent the surveillance video from the cafe of Katrina and Maizie’s meetup to Helios.

Helios frowned. “What is this?””

“Watch it.” Nolan picked up his coffee and took a sip. Quincy, standing next to them, reminded Helios to zoom in, which he did, and he noticed something. Maizie had a ring in her hand, and that ring looked really familiar. Helios frowned again. “That’s my uncle’s ring.” But why did Maizie have it?’

He increased the volume and could hear Maizie and Katrina’s conversation. After hearing everything, he fell silent.

Francisco’s car was parked outside of the law firm, and when he was getting out of his car, Helios called. He picked up. “Hels?” Helios said something, and Francisco stopped in his tracks. “What!?” He had given his father’s wedding ring to Maizie? That was insane!

No, why would Maizie have his father’s wedding ring? Francisco suddenly remembered that day when he had bumped into her as she was coming out of his father’s study,

Francisco rushed home, and just when he stepped into the house, he said to the babysitter, “Ask that woman to get down here.”

The babysitter was stunned but didn’t dare ask questions upon seeing his expression. She went upstairs to get Maizie.

Maizie was on the phone with someone in her room, and when the babysitter said that Francisco was looking for her, she hurriedly hung up and went downstairs. She saw Francisco standing there with a blank expression, then walked toward him with a smile. “Francisco, weren’t you out?”

Francisco suddenly grabbed her collar. The babysitter who was standing at the side was shocked. “Sir, you-” “This is none of your business. Leave us,” Francisco looked extremely upset. The babysitter was going to say something but stopped and left.

Maizie, who was shocked by his attitude, turned pale. “Francisco, what… What are you doing?” He asked with a blank expression, “Maizie, where did you take my dad’s ring to?” Maizie’s shoulders trembled.

She hesitantly said, “W-What do you mean? I didn’t take his ring. You can go and take a look if you don’t believe me…”

Francisco approached her, emphasizing each word, “Stop this. Just because you returned, it doesn’t mean you didn’t steal it. I know that you met my dad’s old lover, Katrina.”


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