The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 905

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 905

How did he find out!?’

Maizie turned pale as a sheet.

Katrina was already dead. How did he know that she had met with her? No, she couldn’t panic.

If someone found out this was all she could do. She started tearing up. “Yes, I admit that I met Katrina, but she made me do it. You know that she was crazy about your father. She forced me to take the ring. I did it because I had no choice, but I didn’t give it to her. I brought it back. Francisco, please believe me.”

Francisco listened to her explanation but didn’t waver. Maizie shed crocodile tears while she tugged at his arm. “Francisco. I didn’t mean to do it.”

Francisco pulled his arm out of her grip and chuckled, “You won’t die if you stop lying.”

Maizie stopped crying and stared at him with her eyes wide open.

He pushed her face up with his finger, ‘The baby you’re carrying isn’t mine, right?”

“Francisco, how could you doubt me like that.ah!”

Francisco pushed her away, so she lost her balance and fell to the ground. Her stomach ached. “No… No, please save the baby. please, Francisco.”

Francisco calmly took out his phone and made a call. “Dr. Evans, a woman fell at home. Bring someone over. You can run a penetrative paternity test too.” Maizie’s face turned even paler.

At that moment, Samantha, who had just walked in, heard him and looked shocked.” Francisco, what are you talking about? A penetrative test?”

She wanted to come and see Francisco’s girlfriend but ended up listening in on such a ridiculous event.

Francisco was stunned. “Mom?’ Maizie ran to Samantha. “Please save me! I don’t want to do that. My child really belongs to Francisco, but he doesn’t believe me!” “Maizie, you should be ashamed. Do you think I don’t know you’re trying to get into the family while carrying someone else’s child?” The anger in Francisco’s eyes seemed as though he was going to tear her apart. That was the first time he hated a woman so much. Samantha stared at her infuriated son and then at the weak Maizie, who was crying. She had no idea who to believe-her son or an innocent child?

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Francisco turned to open the door, and Maisie was standing outside. When Maizie saw that it was Maisie, her face froze. ‘Why did Francisco bring her over?’

Samantha paused. “Why are you here. Zee?” She was surprised that Maisie had shown up.

Maisie smiled and walked toward her, her eyes on Maizie. “I heard that Ms. Hannigan is pregnant and decided to come and visit her.”

Maizie bit her lip and squeezed out a smile. ‘Thank you for caring.”

Maisie turned to look at Francisco, who had a stoic expression, “Why are you so upset? You’re going to be a dad soon.”

“Why would I be happy to be a b*stard’s father?”

“Francisco, how could you-” Samantha was going to say something, but Francisco waved his arm to cut her off, his eyes bloodshot.

“Why wouldn’t you believe me? The kid is not my son.”

Samantha was stunned after being yelled at and didn’t know what to say. Francisco rarely lost his temper-even when he was naughty and his grandfather punished him, he would just apologize.

Maizie didn’t want Samantha to suspect her, and since Maisie was there, she spoke, “Francisco, I know you don’t like me…”


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