The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 906

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 906

“Have I ever loved you?” Francisco interrupted her with a cold expression before continuing in a sarcastic voice. “You gave me drugs when we were in the bar back then. Even if I really had done something to you that night, how are you going to explain that you’re pregnant in less than a month? Do you think I’m stupid?”

The color was draining from Maizie’s face bit by bit. Even though she was able to do something about the pregnancy, she couldn’t deceive those who were more attentive.

Samantha was stunned. “W-What is this all about?”

Just when Maizie was about to say something, Francisco chimed in, “One month ago, I ran into her in a bar. I drank the drink that she handed me, and I woke up in the hotel with her the next day.”

He chuckled and continued. “Initially, I thought I had done something to her, but the Hannigans approached Grandpa in less than a month. They told him that she was pregnant, and they wanted me to marry her.”

“No, Francisco, it’s not like that. You need to listen to me-“‘.

“Shut your damn mouth!” Francisco hissed, “Yes, I used to be a b*stard, but I’m not a nasty guy. I wouldn’t resort to a dirty trick like this, and I’d never lay my fingers on a woman like you because you disgust me.” Maizie was dumbfounded when she heard Francisco saying that she disgusted him.

Samantha began to look at Maizie in a whole new light.

Maizie shook her head profusely, but her voice was shaking. “No, it isn’t like what you think. Francisco is the father to the baby in my womb…”

Francisco looked at her expressionlessly and said, “There’s only one way to find out if the baby is mine or not. Let’s go do a paternity test now. You don’t have the guts to do it, right?”

Maizie stumbled, and she nearly fell to the floor.

Maisie had been keeping a passive attitude. Barbara had gotten Francisco’s phone number from her, and she was certain that Francisco would come back to confront Maizie when he learned the truth. Therefore, she had come here to see what Maizie would do if Francisco exposed that the baby in her womb wasn’t his.

Of course, she was glad that she had come. If not, there was a good chance that Samantha, who was in the dark, would believe in Maizie.

Maisie turned her head around and said to Samantha, “Mrs. Green, since we all don’t know the truth, let’s go do a paternity test and let the result speak for itself so that we won’t misunderstand Ms. Hannigan.”

Samantha felt Maisie was right and nodded.

Maizie became flustered.

She couldn’t do the paternity test. If she did the test, she would be done for.

She turned her head, and her gaze fell on Maisie. Her eyes were filled with hatred as she threw herself at her and tried to strangle her.” Maisie, why are you doing this to me? Why? You just can’t let me have a

happy life, can you!?”

“Maizie, are you mad?!”

Francisco and Samantha stepped forward to pull her away, Maizie pushed them away in a frenzy. Maisie’s face was getting redder and redder from the choking. She grabbed her hands and tried to wrench her wrists away, but since Maizie was pregnant, she didn’t push her away. A cold smile crossed Maizie’s eyes. She let go of Maisie and quickly took a step back. Maisie knew what she was going to do and subconsciously reached out to pull her back

Maizie purposely hit the table with her stomach. There was a loud bang, and she fell to the floor with the table. She covered her abdomen and shouted in pain, “My baby.”

Blood was flowing down from her leg.

In the meantime, Dr. Evans arrived along with Elder Master Boucher and Eugene. Richard’s face turned pale when he saw the scene.

“Quickly! Check the baby!” Richard urged Dr. Evans.

It was only then that Dr. Evans went forward to check Maizie. Then, he shouted, “Call for an ambulance.”

The ambulance soon arrived at the Boucher manor, and Maizie was rushed to the hospital.

When Christina, Yael, and Helios got the news, they all rushed to the hospital. Of course, they did not care about Maizie.

They just wanted to know the outcome.


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