The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 907

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 907

Maisie came to the hospital along with Samantha and Francisco.

After a long while, the doctor came out of the emergency room. Elder Master Boucher went forward to ask about the condition of the baby, but the doctor shook his head. “I’m sorry. We’ve tried our best.”

The crowd fell silent. Richard turned around and gave Francisco a slap in the cheek so loud that it reverberated throughout the entire corridor, stunning everyone.

“Are you happy now that the baby is gone?”

Richard was looking forward to the baby. After all, the baby was a descendant of the Bouchers. Even though the baby’s mother did not have a good reputation, the baby was innocent It was just that nobody would expect the baby would be gone before he even could be born. A red welt was slowly showing up on Francisco’s face. He placed his hand on his cheek and said, “So? That baby wasn’t mine either.”


“Mr. Boucher!” Samantha took a step forward and stood in front of Francisco. She felt that she had the responsibility to protect her son. “That baby was innocent, but you need to hear Francisco’s explanation too.” “Explanation? What kind of explanation does he have?” Richard refused to listen to anything right now. “Is he going to explain why he forced Maizie to do an abdominal paracentesis and caused the miscarriage? Can’t you wait until the baby is born safely before settling anything?”

Francisco clenched his fist tightly and said through gritted teeth, “When the baby was born and if the test proved that he was not your grandson, would you do something about it?”

Richard fell silent.

Yael approached Francisco and looked at Richard, “Dad, Francisco must have his own reason to believe that the baby wasn’t his. All of us just want to find out the truth. I’m sure you don’t want others to laugh at us for helping another man raise his son, right?”

Eugene also chimed in after what Yael said, “That’s right, Dad. I’d force this b* stard to admit it if he really was the baby’s father. However, if he really weren’t, I wouldn’t want him to help another man raise his son either.”

Richard’s face sank as everyone was standing up for Francisco. His face was livid with rage as he barked, “All of you are such disappointments! Our family will sooner or later end up dying in your hands. I don’t care. I want an explanation on this matter!”

Dr. Evans emerged from the emergency room. “Elder Master Goldmann, Ms.

Hannigan has woken up.”

They all went into the ward, save for Maisie. She stood outside the door and watched.

Maizie looked weak since she had just woken up. When Richard and Yael asked her what had happened just now, she looked at Maisie, who was standing at the door, and lifted her hand slowly.

“Mrs… Mrs. Goldmann pushed me just now.’ Everyone in the ward spun their heads and gazed at Maisie.

Some of them looked shocked, while the others looked confused. There was one in particular that looked dissatisfied, and this person was none other than Richard. He studied Maisie up and down and asked,’

Mrs. Goldmann… So she’s the wife of that brat from the Goldmanns?”

Helios glanced at Maizie meaningfully and asked, “Are you sure about it?” “I’m sure about it. I… I have some personal grudges with Mrs. Goldmann,” Maizie muttered.

Helios chuckled and said, “Really? Just because you have some grudges with Mrs. Goldmann, so she wanted to make you lose your baby? Could it be that you’re carrying Nolan’s baby? That’s why she hates you so much?”

Maizie was stumped. She knew that Helios had a good relationship with Maisie and Nolan, so there was no way he would stand on her side.

However, she had lost the baby, and Richard loved the baby very much. Since she couldn’t get anything in the end, she wouldn’t let Maisie have it easy either.

“Mrs. Goldmann hates me because I liked Mr. Goldmann in the past. It was her who told Katrina that the baby in my womb wasn’t

Francisco’s. Katrina came to look for me before her accident and told everything to me. She even threatened me to take Mr. Boucher’s wedding ring to her or she would harm my baby. She said that since Mr. Boucher cherishes that ring so much, if she couldn’t get it, she wouldn’t want anyone else to get it either.”


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