The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 908

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 908

Upon seeing the strange expression on Eugene and Samantha’s faces, she decided to fan the flames and push all the blame to Maisie.” Mrs. Goldmann knew that Katrina was Mr. Boucher’s lover. Mrs. Goldmann was the one that made Katrina’s fake ring, so don’t you

guys think Mrs. Goldmann was also one of the people who caused Francisco’s parents to go their separate ways?”

The ward fell silent. Maizie’s eyes were filled with madness and smiles when she was speaking,

She stared fixedly at Maisie as if she desperately wanted to see Maisie become a rat in the street everyone shouted at.

Everyone turned around and looked at Maisie. The atmosphere was tense. Maisie did not say a word, yet a trace of sympathy appeared in her eyes. She was not pitying Maizie. She just felt sorry for her unborn child that she had taken advantage of to frame her.

“We don’t have any grudges,” Maisie said firmly. “If I have to be jealous just because you like my husband, then I have to be jealous of all the women who like my husband. Why am I targeting you only?”

Maizie was stumped.

Without giving her a chance to say anything, Maisie continued calmly. “For Nolan and I, you’re just an outsider. If you like him, that’s your business. It doesn’t affect our relationship, so I’d like to know what kind of grudge I have against you.”

Maizie became nervous. She gnashed her teeth and said, “You… You’re jealous of me.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have asked Mr.

Goldmann to attack my father’s company!”

Maisie lifted her eyebrow. Helios suddenly chuckled lightly. “Ms. Hannigan, I guess you have gotten the wrong person. I’m the one who asked Nolan to attack the Hannigans because I didn’t want to marry you.”

Maizie looked at him in shock.

Yael was kind of surprised as well. He jerked his head around and asked, “You were the one who did it. Helios?”

He was aware that the Blackgold Group had been attacking the Hannigans back then. It was just that he had no idea it had something to do with his son.

Helios nodded. “Yes. I approached Nolan and asked for his help. I didn’t want to marry Maizie, so I asked him to attack the Hannigans. Then, Nathaniel wouldn’t have the time to care about our marriage. I’ve said before that I don’t want to marry a woman that I don’t love. I wouldn’t accept it even if you guys forced me to.”

Yael did not say anything. He glanced at Elder Master Boucher and noticed that his expression was dark.

Maizie shouted emotionally, “That’s impossible! I-I know you’re Nolan and Maisie’s friends. You’re saying that to help Maisie, right? Hah!

Her eyes were bloodshot. The smile on her face was getting more and more hideous, and perhaps she herself did not know why.

“She’s just Nolan’s woman. Why are you helping her? Could it be that you too have been seduced by her?”

As soon as Maizie finished speaking, the faces of Yael, Samantha, and Helios turned dark…

Maizie did not just stop there. Her emotions had gotten the best of her, so she decided to drag everyone down. “You really are more capable than I thought, Maisie. You already have Nolan and Helios all for yourself, yet you’re still not satisfied? Even Francisco calls you what? Little goddess? Hahaha, you truly are one hell of a sl*t-”

The echo of a resounding slap shocked everyone, including Maisie.

Maizie’s face turned sideways, and a red welt appeared on her cheek under her messy hair.

The one who had slapped her was Francisco, and even Samantha and Eugene were taken aback.

“Who are you calling a sl*t? Yourself?’

Francisco’s eyes were cold. “I don’t deny that I had a crush on Maisie when we were in the training camp. However, that was before I learned she’s Nolan’s wife. Little goddess is my first love, and you’re in no position to tarnish her.”


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