The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 909

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 909

After Francisco finished speaking, he pulled his phone out, turned the volume to the loudest, and tossed the phone on the bed.

When the sound of the recording filled the ward, Maizie’s face turned from pale to green and then to ashen pale again.

Flustered, she threw the phone on the floor and shouted. “This wasn’t me. It’s her! She framed me!”

Eugene stormed forward before Elder Master Boucher could do anything and snarled, “How dare you take my ring!?”

‘Not only that, but she intended to give the ring to Katrina!?’

Samantha scoffed coldly and said, “You

became a thief before becoming the daughter-in-law of the Bouchers. How could you steal the ring?” ‘Why would things turn out like this? How did Francisco get the video of me meeting Katrina?’ It was only now that Maizie saw the light why Francisco was so sure that he was not the baby’s father, and he knew she had taken the ring. Something crossed her head, and she pointed at Maisie with a trembling finger.’ It’s you! You’re the one who did this to me, right? You b* tch! How could you do this to me!?”

Maisie squinted her eyes. “Maizie, when are you going to wake up from your delusion? Am I the one who put you in where you are right now and caused all your misfortunes?”

Maizie was stumped once again. “Yes, I did set you up and send you to jail, but that was because you colluded with Tony and nearly foiled Mr. Boucher and Nolan’s plan. You also nearly killed the people that

I care about. Don’t forget about it. When Tony kidnapped Barbara and Helios, do you think you’d still be able to sit here and talk to us if something happened to either one of them?” When Richard heard that Maizie had something to do with Tony, the person who had abducted his grandson, his face turned cold. “What is your relationship with Tony?” “No… It wasn’t me…” Maizie stammered. She did not know how she should explain herself anymore. Maisie scoffed and chimed in, “Tony is her godfather. Although Ms. Hannigan had offered some help in arresting Tony, what I’m curious about is that Tony knew that the police would arrest him. As someone a s cunning as a fox, there’s no way the police would’ve caught him if he refused to show up. However, he showed himself after you said something to him. Even after he was arrested, he contessed all his crimes and didn’t sell you out despite knowing that it was a trap.”

Maisie tried to look for something in Maizie’s frightened gaze. She walked up close to her and asked, “So, Ms. Hannigan, are you really just his goddaughter?” “You… Don’t you dare slander me! Tony is just my godfather. He treats me like I’m his own daughter and…” She closed her mouth instantly after realizing what she had said. She refused to admit the relationship between her and Tony, but she had exposed everything right now.

Richard closed his eyes and fell into contemplation. He had been very wary of Tony and Joseph when he was still a politician.

After retiring, Yael had succeeded his position. He was aware of the thing Joseph had done to his son, and he reckoned that Joseph had something to do with the things that had happened to the Chases.

It was just that he did not expect Maizie was related to Tony, and it was something he could not accept.

Although Joseph had been pulled down from his position and Tony had been sent to jail, wouldn’t he become the laughingstock of his

olleagues if he allowed Maizie to become one of the Bouchers?” “What a great daughter Nathaniel has brought up,” he said through gritted teeth.” How dare you play all of us like fools! Tell me, who is the father of that baby in your womb?”

Maizie’s body was shaking, and she couldn’t speak.

At the same time, Officer Zaleski came in with a few officers. He took off his hat and nodded at Richard and Yael.

“Elder Master Boucher, Mr. Boucher, I didn’t expect to run into you two here.”


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