The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 910

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 910

Yael asked, “What’s going on?’ Officer Zaleski replied, “We’re here to investigate Katrina’s accident case. We’ve collected some evidence, and we found that the accident has something to do with Ms. Hannigan.”

Maizie shook her head nervously, “No… It wasn’t me…”

Officer Zaleski looked at her and asked, “Do you know Gideon, Ms. Hannigan?”

Helios squinted his eyes. “Gideon… He was one of Tony’s men, right?” Officer Zaleski nodded. He told them that Gideon was the one who had killed Katrina in the car accident. He also told them that Gideon had received $500,000 in his bank account after the accident.

The remittance account was the account that Tony had passed on to Maizie and was not frozen.

Elder Master Boucher said something to Officer Zaleski and allowed him to take Maizie away. Samantha’s face turned pale, and she covered her mouth. “I… I didn’t expect it would turn out this way.” Initially, she was kind of sympathetic toward this girl. However, little did she expect that not only was she not pregnant with her son’s baby, but she was also involved in a murder case. Maisie watched as Maizie was taken away. She suddenly thought of someone and ran outside after bidding Samantha and Helios goodbye. As expected, there was a Bently parked outside of the hospital. Nolan was standing by the car, and the black trench coat that wrapped around his body like a glove gave him a regal vibe. She ran toward him and threw herself into his arms. “I knew it must be you.” Nolan stretched his arms to secure her in his embrace and rested his chin on the top of her head. He chuckled and asked, “How did you know it was me?”

She rubbed herself against his chest and replied, “My intuition.”

Nolan had gotten the recording and given :t to her, so there was no way he would sit still and not do anything. He stopped her head from rubbing his chest and pitched his voice low. “Playing with fire again? Are you not worried about what I’ll do to you when we get back?” Maisie slipped her hand into his trench coat and pinched him. Her expression was alluring as she said, “Really? Are you sure I’m the one who should be worried about that?”

Nolan hissed in pain and frowned slightly.” You’ve become naughty.”

She blinked her eyes innocently and said,” Well, I learned it from you.”

Nolan carried her into the car and drove away from the hospital.

At the Blue Bay villa…

Maisie was lying in Nolan’s arms, and his chest was heaving up and down with every breath he took.

Nolan lifted the hair that was stuck on her neck, lowered his head to kiss the top of her head, and chuckled hoarsely. “Seems to me that it’s getting harder and harder to satisfy you since you’re about to turn 30.”

Maisie lifted her head and giggled. “If I’m 3 0, then you’re a 40-year-old old man.”

He squinted his eyes slightly. “Am I really that old to you?” Maisie sighed and replied, “I’m 27 now, and I will be 30 in another 3 years. Since my husband can’t satisfy me anymore, when I’m 40, I’ll have to find a young man who’s a s fit as a fiddle to have s*x with me four times a day.” Nolan turned around and pinned her on the bed. He cupped her chin with his hand and commented with a half-smile, “Four times a day? Since when do you have so much passion for s*x, Zee?” Maisie knew she had exaggerated things,

so she quickly changed her tune. “Alright, then. Twice a day, and not more than that.” Nolan stroked her red lips with his finger and chuckled. “Don’t worry, Zee. I can still satisfy your needs even if I’m 40. When I turn 50, you just need to take care of my body, and I’m sure I’ll be able to satisfy you as well.”

Maisie couldn’t help herself and chuckled.” Well, it’s better if you don’t force yourself too much.”

Nolan pressed his lips onto hers and said, “It seems to me that you can still go for a few more rounds.”

One week later, Gideon was caught by the police when he was on his way out of the town. He confessed everything, and the lies that

Maizie had woven up shattered. Mrs. Hannigan fainted on the spot when she learned that her daughter was involved in a murder case and would be judged in a month. There was nothing Nathaniel could do other than regretting and reflecting on his failure of teaching his daughter well and letting her go down the wrong path.


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