The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 911

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 911

Maisie followed Nolan to the precinct for some follow-up on the case. She also said she wanted to see Maizie.

Officer Zaleski asked an officer to take her into one of the interrogation rooms. Soon, a female officer led Maizie with both hands:n handcuffs.

Her face looked pale and haggard, and she had lost the former vitality that she had. Her uncombed hair looked as messy and dry as hay , and her bright and beautiful appearance had long disappeared. She glared at Maisie and scoffed. “Wow, are you here to laugh at me?”

Maisie straightened her posture and explained calmly, “Must you make everyone around you sound so


Maizie did not answer as Maisie looked straight at her. “I would never do anything to persecute you unless you’ve overstepped my bottom line in the first place. But other than those things that I’ve done to you, I really don’t understand where your hatred for me stems from.”

‘The hatred that Willow and Rowena had against me was justifiable.

Willow’s hatred for me originated from the instigation and thoughts that Leila had instilled in her. Through Leila’s insistence, she wanted to take over my position in the family, gain control over the company, and obtain the benefits and identity that Nolan could give her. “And Rowena was stubborn as she thought she loved Nolan so deeply but could not get the same love in return. As such, her love for him transformed into her hatred for me.

‘But what about Maizie?’

Maizie laughed out loud. “I did it because I simply don’t like you. You’re an eyesore to me no matter where you go,”

“You don’t think I’m an eyesore,” Maisie interrupted her calmly. “You’ve always hated what others have whenever you feel that your life is unsatisfactory, when you’re not recognized and accepted by others, or when you don’t get the best the world can offer. It’s like the feeling of imbalance and the emotional surges within you whenever someone else owns a beautiful doll that you can’t have.” Maizie lifted her eyebrows. “Pfft! Do you really think you know me that well? What you want to say is that I’m jealous of you, but why should I be jealous of you?” “Do you know a thing or two about the psychological cues behind certain microexpressions? The inner side of your eyebrows is raised upward, which means you’re feeling uneasy when I’m around. You feel very inferior and flustered.” Maisie observed the change in Maizie’s expression with a calm face. “Maybe you’re indeed not jealous of me, but you’re surely competing yourself against me.”

Maizie’s expression stiffened gradually.

Maisie leaned back on the back of the chair. “You’ve always wanted to own whatever others have, and you’ll slander others whenever you can’t get something that someone else has. Didn’t you slander your classmate using the same way when you were in high school? Only because she bought the latest backpack and you didn’t, so you spread rumors saying that the bag that she had was a fake. After that, in order to win yourself some attention, you coaxed Mr. Hannigan into buying you a new backpack that cost more than hers. You were even reluctant to remove the label and price tag in order to show it off in front of your other classmates and make them laugh at that classmate of yours.”

Before Maizie could respond, Maisie looked at her with his chin propped against her palm. “Do you know why I know about this?” Looking at Maizie’s slightly stunned expression, she grinned. “It was your so-

called besties. We are in the same group chat. All the things that you told them, you may think you were sharing the information with them, but to them, your sharing is nothing but show-offs.

How many men have you dated? How did you snatch your senior’s boyfriend from her back when you were studying? You wanted them to envy each and every success that you had had, but all they did was make a laughingstock out of you.”

Maizie was out of words for a long time, and her face turned embarrassed gradually.

“No one forced you to get to where you are at this point of life at all. Everything you’ve done in the past was motivated by your own

eer vanity. Do you think you really love Nolan?” Maisie stood up slowly. “You only want others to envy you and live a life where everyone else revolves around you. Unfortunately, no one would do that other than your parents. Other people have no obligation to revolve around you and worship you as if you’re God all day long. You belittle others too much and look too highly of yourself.”

After saying her piece, Maisie left the interrogation room without giving Maizie the chance to say anything.


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