The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 912

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 912

This would also be Maisie’s last conversation with Maizie after the latter was imprisoned.

Maisie was walking in the corridor, and Nolan’s figure could be seen standing not far away from the end of the corridor. He was waiting for her

He smiled as she approached. “Done talking to her?”

Maisie nodded and stopped in front of him. “Yeah, I just had to figure out why she hates me that much.”

Nolan held her hand and kissed her on her fingertips. “No matter what others think, my wife is always the best.”

She stood on tiptoe to move closer to him.

Am I that good?”

Nolan wrapped his arms around her waist as a hint of amusement flashed across his eyes. “Other than the little tigress that I have to face head-on from time to time, you’re just fine.”

She choked on her own saliva. “Who are you referring to as a tigress?”

He did not say a word, but the hilarity that beamed through his eyes and brows intensified.

“Ahem, it seems that I’ve come at the wrong time,” Officer Zaleski interrupted the two of them awkwardly, and Maisie pushed Nolan away in an instant We’re still in a precinct!’ Nolan joked about their encounter. “It’s not against the law for husbands and wives to show their affection to each other in a

precinct, is it?”

Officer Zaleski was astounded for a split second, waved his hands, and chuckled. “We’re not that inhumane as long as you don’t go overboard, but it depends on the occasion, so please do take it easy.”

Maisie lowered her head, rubbed the tip of her nose, and secretly bumped Nolan with her elbow.

‘It’s all his fault.’

Nolan looked downward, smirked, then suppressed his smile after a short while and asked, “Have you found out anything from Tony?”

Officer Zaleski nodded. “We did find out something. Tony admitted that he did transfer some of his assets to Maizie on the day he got arrested.”

Maisie was a little surprised to hear that.” Tony transferred his assets to Maizie before he was arrested? Did he know that he would be arrested that day?”

IWasn’t Maizie the one who set him up and tricked him into showing up?’

Officer Zaleski explained in embarrassment, “Tony didn’t transfer his assets to Maizie because he knew he would be arrested, but because he knew that Maizie was pregnant.”

Maisie was astonished. “So Maizie was pregnant with his child?”

Officer Zaleski nodded.

‘It all makes sense now. Why would Tony take the risk to come forward to meet Maizie? Why would a person as vigilant as Tony believe in her just because she’s his goddaughter?

‘It turns out that Maizie told him that she was pregnant. Tony isn’t married and has no children. Even though the child was just an accident, it was still his offspring. So after learning about this, he transferred part of his assets to Maizie, thinking that it was for the

‘He took the risk to come forward and meet Maizie and was then arrested by the police. He even tried his best to clean Maizie’s name after getting arrested. Maybe he really thought that Maizie would give birth to the baby and raise it on his behalf. But what he didn’t expect was that Maizie would use this child as a bargaining chip to get herself into the Bouchers.

‘He obviously had the opportunity to be born into this world and live on, but he was killed in the womb by his own mother instead. How sad is that?

The weather got colder and colder, and

winter came in a blink of an eye in November. Gideon, the murderer, was sentenced to death with a two- year suspension, and Maizie was sentenced to 10 years in prison because she was the one who had hired the murderer.

The most interesting matter was that the lawyer who prosecuted Maizie at that time was Francisco, and because the circumstances of hiring a killer to murder someone else were serious, the sentence that Maizie received was imprisonment of more than 10 years.

Maizie did not refute, and Mr. and Mrs. Hannigan did not raise any objections, although that was not the ruling that they wanted to see.

Richard had been in low spirits because the great-grandson that he was looking forward to back then turned out to only be

a facade that Maizie staged. Thus, Yael and Christina both placed their work aside and stayed by his side.

And Helios also postponed the establishment of his own business to a later date.

Meanwhile, the overseas projects under Eastwood Enterprise and Tristan officially started, and Nolan and Maisie attended its opening ceremony.


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