The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 913

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 913

Anthony approached them with a wine glass. “Nolan, you’ve come to support the project.” Nolan smiled and took the wine glass from the waiter. “Hi, Uncle Topaz. Your project has officially started, so, of course, I have to come to show my support.”

Maisie grabbed a wine glass too.” Congratulations, Mr. Topaz.”

Anthony smiled and toasted with them.” Thank you for all your blessings.” Tristan walked toward them with a young female companion. The woman standing beside him was probably in her 20s. She did not look extremely eye-catching but had an elegant temperament. Nolan clinked glasses with him. “It seems that you’ve found another pretty woman, Mr. Knowles.” Tristan smiled and replied, “An old bachelor like me can’t compare myself to those of you who have a family. So how can I attend such an occasion without a female companion?” Anthony smiled and turned to look at Tristan. “Mr. Knowles, if you were willing to settle down and get married back then, you might already have a mansion full of children and grandchildren now.” “I’ve been living abroad since I was a child, and I’ve never had the dream of having children and grandchildren. As a man, what I prioritize the most in my life is freedom. I think I’d definitely find it quite annoying if I were to have a wife who would order me around all day long.” When he was young, Tristan had always been a playboy, and he was a handsome, charming, and casual man. He was also influenced by more open-minded education and did not have the traditional concept of starting a family.

However, that was what he told everyone else, but no one knew whether he had ever thought about doing so.

Maisie asked with a smile, “Mr. Knowles, aren’t you going to introduce your partner to us?”

Tristan wrapped his arms around his female companion. “Her name is Zeta Yanev, and she’s from East Winston.”

Zeta nodded shyly and greeted them in English with a smile. Maisie looked at her and was pleasantly surprised. “Your English is very fluent, Ms. Yanev.” She responded, “I studied English in college, and I like Zlokova’s culture very much.”

After chatting with Maisie for a while, seeing that Tristan had left for somewhere else to toast with his friends, Zeta bid them goodbye and caught up to Tristan to be by his side. Maisie leaned over to Nolan’s side. “I didn’t expect Mr. Knowles to be still quite attractive to younger ladies even though he’s already in his fifties.”

“Zeta should be around 27 or 28 years old, about the same age as me, while Tristan is already in his 50s. However, he does pay a lot of attention to the maintenance of his appearance, so he doesn’t look old at all, and it’s not exaggerated to say that he’s in his 40s.’

Nolan squinted slightly. “I’ll still be attractive when I’m at his age too.”

Maisie met his gaze and chuckled. ‘Did that jealousy just come out of nowhere?

The opening ceremony reception ended at 1 0:00 p.m.

Quincy parked the car outside the main entrance, and Nolan got into the car with Maisie after bidding goodbye to Anthony,

As soon as they got to the entryway at the Blue Bay villa, Maisie, who bent over to take over her heels, kneaded her sore ankles.

It had been too long since she last wore high heels to a banquet. If she knew that it would go on until so late, she would not have worn high heels.

Nolan suddenly picked her up. sat her down on the couch, squatted in front of her, and lifted her slender ankles. Her heels looked red and slightly swollen. “Why didn’t you tell me this at the banquet hall?”

“How could I tell you that?” She could not help but laugh. “If you were to know how I felt, you would’ve brought me back halfway through the ceremony. It wouldn’t look too good for us to leave halfway.”

He massaged her feet for her and smiled.” It’s on the verge of turning into a pig’s hoof.”

She snorted softly. “Are you saying that you dislike them?”

Nolan lifted her in the air by her waist, spun around, sat down on the couch, supported the back of her head with his palm. pushed her head forward, raised his head, and kissed her.

His aura was strong and intense.

He let go of her after kissing her until she ran out of breath. He then ran his fingers over her bright red lips and gave off an obscure smile. “Even if you were to turn into a pig, I’d never dislike you.”

Maisie hit him in a flirtatious manner.” You’re the one who’s going to turn into a pig. If either one of us has to be turned into a pig, it’d better be you.”

The hilarity that was beaming from his brows and eyes intensified as he stared at her furious look.


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