The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 914

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 914

Bassburgh had always been warm during winter and cool during summer. The roses in the garden located just outside the window still looked delicate and beautiful under the meticulous care of the gardener during the winter.

Maisie had been giving herself a time off recently and had left her company to Lucy to manage, and she took some time to visit Sapphie at Uncle Kennedy’s today.

Sapphie was already half a year old, and her soft hair had grown a little longer. Her facial features were not fully grown just yet, except for her bright, big eyes that seemed to be able to fit the whole galaxy in each of them, and they would bend into two crescent moons whenever she smiled. “This little girl will definitely grow up to be a gorgeous lady.” Kennedy held Sapphie in his arms and was unwilling to part with her. Although he was not her biological father, he already regarded Sapphie as his own daughter after all the company that he had shown her throughout the past few months.

Maisie smiled and suggested, “I can’t wait to give Sapphie pretty dresses and dress her up beautifully when she’s two to three years old

Maisie had not had the time to dress Daisie up when she gave birth to the triplets before this. She regretted it every time she thought of

“By the way. Uncle Kennedy, will Aunt Samantha come to take care of Sapphie during this time?”

Kennedy lowered his gaze and gave off a smile. “She really likes this child and will come over whenever she’s free, but I can’t trouble her all the time, can I?”

Maisie gently rubbed Sapphie’s chubby cheek with her fingers and said with a pregnant smile, “Uncle Kennedy, it’s not easy for you to take care of her alone. And Aunt Samantha seems to be more than willing to help you troublesome, but Aunt Samantha may not think the same.”

“Zee, you’re teasing me again.” Kennedy was helpless. He could totally get what Maisie was trying to say.

Maisie chuckled and said nothing.

‘Although I wish to make a match out of the two of them, I won’t force the issue. After all, they’re the ones who would be in the relationship. I can’t just match Uncle Kennedy with Aunt Samantha just because I want them to keep each other company.’

Ryleigh called her at this time, so she walked aside to answer the call, and Barbara’s voice came from the other end of the phone call.

After listening to what Barbara had to say, Maisie bid Kennedy goodbye and drove to a restaurant by the bay.

The ladies were sitting outside on the open-air balcony, and Barbara waved at her.

Maisie sat down and looked at Ryleigh, who was lying on the table and had not uttered a single word. “What’s wrong with her?”

Barbara grabbed her coffee mug, took a sip from it, and sighed. “I guess it’s a big deal.”

Maisie took a glance at Ryleigh, who was lying there without saying a word, squinted, thought of something, and leaned closer to Barbara. “Could it be that matter?’ “It’s not just that. This is some serious shjt.” Barbara put the coffee down with a solemn expression. “Was Joe Watson your classmate?”

Maisie asked how Joe was related to the matter, and Barbara told her that she and Ryleigh had been drinking at the Glitz a week ago when they met Joe, Ryleigh’s former classmate, and invited him over for a few drinks.

When they had left the club, Joe was the one who sent them back. He had first sent Barbara home and then Ryleigh. Maybe because Ryleigh had quarreled with Louis earlier on that day and she was not in a good mood, she did not want to go back home yet. Thus, she ended up in Joe’s place the whole night, playing console games.

“Your cousin has found out about this, so…” Barbara’s sentence faded out, and Ryleigh sat up in an instant. Her eye sockets were so swollen that they looked like puffs, and they had narrowed both her eyes into only two black lines, making her look as if she was in the blues.

She startled the two sitting next to her, and Barbara patted her chest. “Oh my God, don’t make a fuss. Aren’t we thinking of a way to help you out?”

“What can you come up with to help me? He can think whatever the hell he wants.” Ryleigh grabbed the juice on the table and finished it in one go. She sounded rather convincing, but her expression showed otherwise.


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