The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 916

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 916

Ryleigh wanted to take deep breaths, but she couldn’t move because he held her so tightly. Louis only let her go when she stopped struggling.

He held up her chin and got close to her lips, pushing the hair off her lip. “I wouldn’t give him a chance even if you liked him. I won’t agree to call off our wedding.

“Ryleigh, your heart can only belong to me.” Ryleigh’s tears rolled down her face, unable to voice out the sadness in her heart.

He kissed the tears on her cheeks away but continued kissing down her neck, then picked her up and walked toward the office.

The pain took her breath away, and she almost bit his lips open. Louis kissed her cheek from behind her, tilting his head.

The light behind the curtains turned blurry, shining on the overlapped silhouette reflected in the window.

Until the evening, Ryleigh sat in the passenger seat wrapped up in Louis’ coat. Her eyes were on the view outside, her face looking tired and pale.

Louis sent her home, carrying her in. He looked relaxed as usual when he was speaking to Russell.

Russell gave Ryleigh a lecture because he was worried about her staying out all night, but she didn’t say anything the entire time.

Louis brought her upstairs to her room. Ryleigh took off his jacket and tossed it to him. “Close the door when you leave.”

She walked into the bathroom.

When she got out of the shower, Louis was still there. She climbed into bed and tucked herself in without even glancing at him.

Louis sat quietly at the edge of the bed for a while, then pulled her blanket up higher.” Rest well.”

When she heard the door close, Ryleigh pressed her face into the pillow and sobbed quietly.

That night, Louis went to Glitz and was alone in the room. Helios entered, placed his glass of wine on the table, and sat down. “What’s wrong?”

Louis poured out a glass, threw his head back, and drank it all

Helios smiled. “Because of Ryleigh.”

Louis turned to look at him. “Do you think tying her down with the wedding agreement is too much? I can’t feel that she cares no matter what I do. She’s happier with Joe Watson than when she’s with me.”

He smiled sadly, then downed a few more glasses.

Helios took his glass away. “How do you know she doesn’t have feelings for you?”

Louis chuckled. “If she cared about me, she wouldn’t have kept quiet when she saw Xyla asking me out. She even said she would cancel the wedding so we could have our way. Why would she pick me if not because of the agreement between our families?”

Louis’ body froze. Helios moved his hand away and looked away before calmly saying, “You said she didn’t care, but don’t you know why she was drinking at Glitz the other night?”

Louis paused.

Helios smiled. “Who are you to attend an event with Xyla? You even dated before, so Ryleigh was feeling insecure. If she didn’t care about Xyla and you, she wouldn’t have come here to drink.”

Louis suddenly snapped out of it and put his hand on his forehead. He hadn’t told her about going to an event with Xyla.

Louis wasn’t trying to hide it from Ryleigh. He was just there to help, and nothing was going on between him and Xyla. They were just friends.

And he had been too angry that Ryleigh spent time with Joe, so he didn’t listen to her explanation.


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