The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 917

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 917

Just like when Xyla had come to say thanks, she was just in the office for less than 10 minutes and nothing could have happened.

Everything that Helios said made Louis think about Ryleigh’s reaction, and she seemed to care.

His hand was still on his forehead, then his head started to hurt. “I have no intention of getting back with Xyla. It was just an event for her new movie. She had another date that night, but something came up, so she came to me instead.”

He had agreed because he owed her, and it wasn’t too much to help.

Helios put his hand on his shoulder and patted it. “I know you owe her, but it’s best to explain to Ryleigh. She doesn’t know what happened between you, so it was normal that she misunderstood.”

The next day…

The music academy was planning the Christmas event. The students registered to join the clubs, but they were mostly for solo instruments-most of the students went for piano and violin.

In comparison, there were a lot fewer people who signed up to be part of the orchestra.

A few lecturers sat at the registration counter on their phones. They would hand out forms to those who were interested to join and seemed to have a lot of time on their hands.

Ryleigh returned after handing out some flyers and took up a new stack. One of the lecturers couldn’t help but advise, “Forget it, Ray. There’s no point. The young people aren’t really interested in orchestras.”

“Yes, it’s just a waste of time. Only eight signed up. The solo instruments almost have 100 sign-ups. That’s such a huge comparison.”

Ryleigh rolled her eyes and hugged the flyers. “It’s better to get a few than just sitting here and doing nothing.”

She made the lecturers look awkward but didn’t wait for them to react and left.

“Tsk! Who does she think she is, acting high and mighty after just being here for a few months?”

“Ignore her. Let her give them out. Which moisturizer have you been using lately? My skin has gotten so dry…” The few lecturers started discussing skincare and ignored Ryleigh.

The lecturer who had advised Ryleigh just now looked toward Ryleigh, who was passionately handing out flyers and talking about the orchestra with the students. She hesitated before taking a few flyers and following along.

Ryleigh was surprised because she didn’t expect her to join her.

The lecturer smiled. “It’s better if we do it together. We still have three days to get enough people.”

Ryleigh flashed a friendly smile. “Thank you.”

It was good that it wasn’t the hot summer. The two of them stood outside for half an hour and almost finished handing out the flyers but only convinced two students.

The lecturer handed a bottle of water to her. Ryleigh paused, then took the bottle and smiled. “Thanks, Ruby.”

There had been criticism ever since she joined, so she wasn’t close with the other lecturers.

This one named Ruby Severy had been on a year-long maternity leave when she joined and had returned a month ago. The bass and opera were her specializations.

Ruby had over 10 years of experience in the orchestra scene.

“Don’t worry about it, we’re all colleagues.” Ruby was very friendly and made Ryleigh feel very comfortable.

While they were chatting, Ryleigh saw Mr. Charles Nixon and Louis walking over while having a great conversation. The few lecturers who were doing nothing started pretending to be busy when they saw Charles.


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