The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 918

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 918

Charles saw them but didn’t show it on his face. He smiled and asked Ryleigh, “I guess we didn’t get a lot of students to sign up.”

Ryleigh smiled awkwardly. Ruby was Charles’ student. She laughed and said, “Sir, Ray has been working really hard at recruiting. We have three days. If we get a few today and a few tomorrow, we might not get a lot, but it could be enough for a performance.” Charles nodded happily. “It’s alright, I believe in you. The development of the orchestra in this academy relies on you.”

Ruby started having a conversation with Charles at the side, leaving Ryleigh and Louis standing in their spots.

Ryleigh was stuck between leaving and staying, but when she was hesitating, Louis put out his hand.

She asked, “What are you doing?”

He said, “Give me your hand.”

She hesitantly put out her left hand, but before it was fully stretched out, Louis pulled her wrist forward.

Before she could react, he slowly tied a bracelet with purple pearls around her wrist.

She was stunned.

Louis fastened the clasp. “It looks good on you.” Ryleigh took her hand back and held it. She looked around her and then at the pearl bracelet, which was cool to the touch. “You … What is the meaning of this?”

“Don’t you like it?” Ryleigh was stunned, kept her head low, and fell silent. Louis walked closer to her, “It’s to apologize.” ‘Apologize? She looked into Louis’ eyes and remembered how he had treated her. Her face started burning up, and she avoided his gaze. “I need to get back to work.”

Louis suddenly tugged at her arm, and before she could ask, he pulled her away in front of everyone.

The garden behind the classrooms was really quiet, with no one in sight. Ryleigh gently tugged her hand hack. “Why did you bring me here, Louis?”

Louis stopped walking, cornered her in front of a wall, cupped her face in his hands, and leaned closer. “Give me a chance to explain about Xyla?”

Ryleigh kept her head low and whispered,’ What is there to explain?”

“We’ve ended things long ago, and it wasn’t like you imagined. We would never get back together because…” He paused.

Ryleigh was nervous, but she wasn’t sure for what.

That was until the voice above her head slowly said, “Because you have taken my heart.” Ryleigh stopped breathing and looked up at him and straight into his solemn eyes. He saw herself in his eyes, just like how all he could see was her at that moment.

She parted her lips. “You-‘

Louis pressed his finger to her lips, “Listen, I was in a relationship with Xyla, but it wasn’t exactly a romantic one. She pursued me, and I’ ve rejected her, but she never gave up, so I agreed to give it a try,”

Ryleigh beamed and pushed his finger away. She was very surprised. “So you were toying with her feelings?”

“No…” Louis looked down. “I tried to convince myself into accepting her and loving her, but I couldn’t.”

“Then why were you together for six years?” Ryleigh pouted.

He helplessly chuckled. “More like I wasted six years of her life, so I owe her this. That was why I agreed to attend the event to repay her and to do her a small favor.”


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