The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 920

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 920

Barbara answered with no expression, “I don’t know you that well.” “Now that my buddy Eric has passed, you’ve forgotten me too?” The man put his hand on her shoulder and got closer to her. “You still look so beautiful after so many years.”

His hand moved downward. Maisie suddenly stood up, grabbed his wrist, and kicked him in the knee. The man fell to the floor. “You just got splashed with tea, and you’re touching my friend in public now. That’s s*xual harassment.”

Maisie’s voice attracted more stares. The man looked embarrassed, got up from the floor, and laughed. “B*tch, stay in your lane.”

He swung at Maisie, who avoided it and pushed him toward the floor after that.

Everyone around them stood up to get a look. Dome took out their phones to take pictures while others cheered.

Ryleigh walked up and kicked him. “That’s for trying to bully women.”

“You… You better watch your backs!” The man stumbled and scurried away.

Maisie looked at Barbara, who looked pale.” He was one of those men?”

Babara nodded. “His name is Johnny

O’Neil, in the same gang as them. I didn’t expect him to still remember me.”

After that incident, they had broken up because they were afraid that it would catch attention. She didn’t expect to bump into Johnny here.

She couldn’t recover from the trauma those men had caused her even after so many years.

Ryleigh sat down, looking absolutely unhappy. “That b*stard still tried to touch Barbara. I should have given him a few more kicks.”

The trio left the restaurant after their meal, and they suddenly saw a few men walking toward them when they got to the garage. One of them was Johnny, who was trying to get someone to get back at them.

Johnny was walking in front of the gang and yelled at them with hands on his waist, “Weren’t you batches acting proud just now? Aren’t you good at fighting?”

Ryleigh answered loudly, “How is a bunch of men bullying a few women something to be proud of?” “So I should just let you b*tches bully me?” Johnny spat and rolled his wrist. “I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

The few men were getting closer when Ryleigh suddenly threw her bag at them and whacked them. “Get closer if you dare. Help-”

The man was kicked and collapsed on the ground with a heavy thump. Saydie, who suddenly showed up, was nimble yet strong. She grabbed the men by their wrists and twisted them. The sound of bones cracking was followed by painful yelps. The car parked behind them started honking the horn. Nina then poked her head out and pointed at the men. “I’ve called the police. You’ re not getting away!” Johnny’s expression changed drastically, and he didn’t want to continue attacking when he saw the men he had brought being badly beaten up.

He immediately asked them to back away.

After Maisie checked if Barbara and Ryleigh were okay, she patted Saydie’s shoulder. “Thank goodness you showed up in time.”

Helios lowered the car window. “Are you alright?”

Ryleigh walked to the window and smiled at him. “How did you know that we were in trouble?”

Helios maintained his expression. “I was passing by.” “Passing by? What a coincidence.” Ryleigh didn’t buy it.

Nina glanced at her watch and turned around. “Hels, Mr. Hitchcock is waiting.”

He nodded and looked at them. “I need to go. See you later.”


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