The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 924

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 924

Barbara climbed up feebly and walked to the door in a daze.

“Barbara, why didn’t you answer my-” Before Ryleigh could finish her sentence, she saw the scene underneath Barbara’s sleeping gown, and her eyes grew wide.

Barbara yawned and said, “I put it on mute and didn’t hear your call.”

When she noticed that Ryleigh was staring at her collar, she lowered her head and put her hand over it. “What are you looking at?”

Ryleigh lifted her finger and asked, “Who did that?”

Barbara was momentarily stunned before something popped into her head. She covered her neck subconsciously and slammed the door, shutting Ryleigh outside.

Ryleigh smashed the doorbell and shouted, “Barbara, tell me clearly! Are you hiding a man in the house!?”

Barbara went to the restroom and stood in front of the mirror. Her cheeks turned red, and she covered her face.

It seemed to her that Helios was totally a different person when he was on the bed

At Soul…

Maisie was handing tasks to Lucy when she heard Ryleigh’s voice. “Zee, I’m so sad.’

Maisie covered her forehead with her hand and saw Ryleigh standing at the door with a sad expression etching on her face.” Barbara slept with a man last night. She refused to let me into her apartment and check. I’m sure there’s a man in her apartment. Ahh, my $100. Lucy looked at Maisie and said, “Ms. Vanderbilt, I’ll go out first.”

Maisie nodded.

Lucy went out of the office with the document in her hand. Ryleigh came in and threw herself at Maisie, crying and sobbing at the fact that she had lost $100.

Maisie pushed her away and asked with a frown, “What are you talking about?”

“You don’t believe me? I saw it with my own eyes. Barbara didn’t answer my call this morning, so I went to look for her.

Then, do you know what I saw? There are tons of marks on her neck. She looks like she just had…”

Ryleigh’s face turned red in embarrassment before she could even finish her sentence. It took her quite a while to calm herself down, and she continued hesitantly. “I’m pretty certain that my cousin isn’t that kind of person, so it must be another man. How could she sleep with another man while she’s flirting with my cousin? Don’t you think that is unfair to my cousin?”

Maisie walked to the desk and sat on the chair. She picked up a document and read it. “What makes you think that it wasn’t your cousin?”

Ryleigh slammed her hands on the desk and said, “Does my cousin look like that kind of person?”

In any case, she did not believe that Helios would do something beastly like that.

Maisie chuckled after listening to what Ryleigh said. Raising her eyebrows, she looked at her and asked, “Did Nolan look like that kind of person to you in the past?” Ryleigh was stumped.

Maisie rested her chin on her hand and continued. “When you first saw Nolan, what kind of person did you think he was?” Ryleigh thought for a while and said, “He looks cold and boring.”

“That’s what I thought as well.” Maisie put her hands on the desk and shrugged while smiling, “But he revealed his true nature after we got together. Although Helios looks very calm and cold on the surface, who knows what kind of a monster he would become when he’s with Barbara?”

As she was talking, she smiled meaningfully. “After all, all men are the same. All of them have two sides to them.”

The more Ryleigh thought about it, the harder for her to believe it. After all, she took her cousin as her idol, and she found i

t hard to believe that he would do the same thing as that b*stard from the Lucas family.

“Hmph! B*stards!”

At Blackgold…

Nolan was having a video call with Madam Hathaway in front of the computer in his office. He also asked about the condition of the Knowles. Sipping on her tea. Madam Hathaway squinted her eyes and said, “Did Tristan go to look for you?”

Nolan replied, “Yeah. The young heir of the Knowles is staying in Bassburgh now, but that old man didn’t tell me anything more.” Madam Hathaway chuckled and put the cup down. “You said you hate the Knowles, but you still helped them in the end.”


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