The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 926

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 926

Noilace scoffed. “If everything needs to be done by the class president, then why do we need a vice class president?”

Colton stood up with his arms propped against the desk and was about to refute when a piece of chalk hit the back of his head.

Daisie glanced at him with her arms akimbo. “Colton, don’t be lazy. We’re all busy with our tasks.”

The other students dared not ask Colton to carry his own weight, but Daisie was different.

He clicked his tongue, picked up the ornaments that were lying on the desk, and glared at Noilace. “Alright, alright, I only need to hang the decorations, don’t l?” Lisa, who was helping out beside Daisie, chuckled softly. “Is Colton still feeling a little unreconciled because he lost to Noilace in the class president election?” Before Nollace had been transferred to the school, Colton was the top student in the class, and no one else could go against him in terms of grades.

However, after Nollace got transferred to the class, he was dethroned from being the first in the class to the second. That was how Colton and Nollace became rivals in the class.

Daisie sighed. “My brother is a very competitive person, and all he cares about is his reputation.”

‘But Colton shouldn’t take all the blame. After all, Wayion used to have better grades than Colton. It was just that Wayion always gave Colton an edge deliberately.

‘However, Colton has some strong points too. For example, there are things that only he can manage to pull off while neither Wayion nor I can, so there’s always something that I can learn from him.’

Lisa responded enviously, “If only I had such a brother, it would be great.”

‘Although it’s a little difficult to get along with Colton in class, at least he’s always been very fond of his sister.’ Colton climbed onto the ladder and started decorating the Christmas tree. But the two boys standing beside the ladder let go of their hands suddenly, and Colton had just hung up the decoration when the ladder lost its balance abruptly.

Colton was caught off guard and fell from the ladder. ‘Colton!’ “Colton!”

Everyone screamed in fright.

Colton thought he was, for sure, going to die.

But someone pulled him off the ladder at that moment, and the two fell to the floor together. Meanwhile, the ladder hit the glass window, shattering the glass, and it went through the window.

Everyone looked pale, and even Colton broke into a cold sweat.

“Noilace, are you alright?” Lisa ran over. Daisie, who came over together with Lisa, squatted beside them and spoke nervously. “Colton, Nolly!” Colton looked back at Noilace, who had pulled him off the ladder, and was astounded-he was lying on Nollace’s arm.

“Hey, you…” Colton did not know what to say for a moment. He did not expect that this fellow would save him. After learning what had happened, the teacher brought the two children to the infirmary for further examination after asking around nervously about the situation.

Daisie followed them.

Fortunately, they had only suffered minor flesh wounds, and Nollace’s arm was not severely injured either. Colton still had not returned to his senses. Thinking of the ladder that went straight through the window, he might have fallen off the fifth floor if Noilace had not pulled him off the ladder in time.

Colton turned his head and looked at Noilace, who was moving his arm around. The corners of his lips twitched as he stood up, walked up to him, and said with an arrogant expression, “You’ve saved me this time around, so I owe you one. But don’t expect a thank you from me.”

Noilace looked up at him. “I didn’t ask you to thank me either.”

Colton was about to talk back but made an exception not to do so.

At that moment, Daisie stuck her head into the infirmary from the outside. “Nolly, Colton.”

Daisie entered the infirmary, the tip of her nose was flushed, and she was petrified after thinking about what had just happened. “Colton,

you almost scared me to death. Thank God Nolly was there.” Colton rubbed her head. “I’m fine. I’ll be more careful next time.”


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