The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 927

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 927

“Nolly, is your arm okay?” Upon seeing that his sister had left him instantly to care about Nollace again, the corners of Colton’s lips twitched.

I’m just her brother, who’s nowhere near a s respectable as that cousin of hers.’

Nollace smiled at her, “I’m fine,” She lowered her head and said, “Thank you for saving Colton. Mom once said that a life-saving grace should be repaid with one’s body. You’ve saved Colton, so he should repay you with his body when he grows up.” Nollace was out of words. Colton almost vomited a mouthful of blood and hurriedly grabbed Daisie to cover her mouth. “Are you dumb? I’m a boy, and he’s a boy too. How could I possibly repay him with my body?” She titted her head and asked, “Can’t a boy do so with other boys?” The two boys replied in unison, “No!” Colton and Noilace looked at each other for a while, and they turned their faces away with a snort. Daisie thought of something and asked, “By the way, aren’t there two people holding the ladder? Why did they let go?” Noilace looked at them and said nothing

Colton crossed his arms. “How would I know? Maybe they think I’m heavy.”

Daisie stood in place with her arms akimbo, feeling a little indignant, “It’s their fault, anyway. I want to tell Dad about this.’ “Forget it.” Colton scratched his head.” Don’t let Dad know about this. Mom will definitely know if Dad knows, and I don’t want Mom to worry about it.”

Daisie pouted and stopped talking. Cotton took Daisie back to the classroom first, and Noilace leaned against the wall at the entrance of the stairs with his arms crossed. He then lifted his gaze when the two boys came downstairs. “You guys did it on purpose.”

The two boys froze, looked at each other, and approached Noilace. “We only wanted to play a prank on Colton. We didn’t mean it.” “That’s right, Colton was doing nothing. He’s only that audacious because his father is rich and famous, isn’t he? We’ve never liked how he carries himself since long ago. One of the boys placed his hand on Noilace’s shoulder. “Noilace, aren’t you at odds with Colton? You should’ve seen that he’s come at you in public multiple times. But your grades are better than his. You’re also more popular than him, so why bear with him?” Noilace lowered his gaze, stared at the hand that was resting on his shoulder, raised his hand, and pushed it away. “I won’t turn to such inferior means.”

He was about to leave.

Another sarcastic voice came from behind. “I heard that their family just took you in, so is this you licking his boots? Are you planning to be Colton’s pet?”

The other boy echoed the hypothesis and laughed. “Noilace, don’t make us look down on you. Colton is only arrogant because of his family background. Do you really think he’ll treat you as a friend? He’ll only treat you like his pet dog.” Noilace turned his head and stared calmly at them. His expression looked calm, but his gaze looked gloomy and sinister. The two boys were obviously frightened.

Noilace lifted the corners of his lips and gave off a smirk, but there was not even a trace of hilarity in his eyes as he looked sullen from head to toe. “If I were Colton, I wouldn’t have let you go.”

He made a gesture of slitting his neck with his thumb.

The two boys froze in place, a little petrified by Noilace’s appearance just now. Barbara hid at home for three days and only went out after the traces had been completely eliminated.

Helios had been filming in Coralia for the past three days, and he had not contacted her throughout that period Barbara looked at her phone repeatedly and felt a little lost as he had not taken the initiative to

contact her first.

A van stopped beside her suddenly, and before she could react, her mouth was already covered, and she was dragged into the van by someone.


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