The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 928

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 928

Maisie had just sent Saydie to the airport and was watching her leave when she suddenly received a call from Barbara. She answered the call and heard a very loud and noisy voice coming from the other end of the call before she could even speak, and that included Barbara’s voice and a man’s threatening voice. She realized that things were not looking too good, and before she could listen to the conversation more closely, the call was hung up instantly. Maisie tried calling the number again, but the cell phone was no longer in service. She realized something and quickly dialed Quincy’s number.

On the other side, Johnny kicked Barbara’s cell phone away from her. The phone hit the wall, the screen shattered, and it was completely shattered.

He stepped forward and grabbed Barbara by her hair, forcing her to raise her head and look directly at him. “You actually made a call secretly. Who do you think would come to your rescue, those two women from last time?” Barbara’s face turned pale, and her scalp felt excruciating. “Aren’t you afraid my father will find out about this?”

“Your father?” Johnny laughed out loud with a gloomy expression on his face.” Your dad has stepped down from his position. So why should I be afraid of what he’ll do? Can he come to save you now?”

As he said that, he patted her cheek with his hand. “Ms. Chase, if it weren’t for that incident, which caused the death of one of my best friends’ death and caused me to go to prison for several years, I wouldn’t have ended up like this now.”

Barbara trembled. “Katrina orchestrated the whole incident. You can go to her for revenge if you want.”

“Isn’t that bitch dead now? To be honest, I’d definitely go to her if she hadn’t died.” Johnny leaned closer to her and pinched her cheek.” I asked that b*tch for $ 8,000,000, and she died before getting me my

money. Just how unlucky can I be?”

Barbara’s shoulders shivered as she stared at him in surprise. “Y-You’re the one who asked her for money?”

‘No wonder Katrina went to Maizie, asking for $8,000,000 out of the blue. It turned out that it was because of Johnny.’

It was a scheme that the sl*t laid out in the first place, yet we didn’t sh*t from that. It’s only natural for me to go to the sl*t and ask her to make up for my loss after I came out of prison.”

Johnny’s hand slid down to her neck, and he strangled her but did not apply all his strength. “That b*tch had a backer before that, and I couldn’t make a move on her, but she was down and out, so it was a perfect time. But she died before I could get my hands on the $8,00 0,000.”

Having said that, he grinned. “But it doesn’t matter. You’re still alive, aren’t you? To be honest, Eric took a fancy to your youthful appearance back then, and if it weren’t for him, I would’ve been the one who f eked you. Thus, strictly speaking, Eric died in my place. You, b*tch, you’re truly ruthless.”

Barbara shivered, and Johnny’s gaze looked aggressive. His eyes looked just like Eric’s when he had been staring down at her back then,

Barbara pushed him away abruptly, and he staggered back, almost losing his balance. Seeing that she was about to get up and escape, Johnny stretched out his arm and grasped her neck from behind. “Planning to run?”

He flung Barbara onto the couch with his backhand and held her down.

Barbara struggled and shouted for help.

The more she resisted, the more excited Johnny felt. He crawled onto her and kissed her while Barbara tried her best to avoid his lips. The fear that she had felt back then spread throughout her whole body. However, apart from fear, what she felt, even more, was disgust

I don’t want to be defiled by another person.’

Helios’ face flashed across her mind. Her voice was trembling as she cried and screamed for help, while her gaze looked desperate.

Just when Johnny was about to claim his prize money, someone suddenly pulled him away and kicked him vigorously.

Johnny fell to his knees in pain, wailing his heart out.

Quincy cleaned up the goons outside with his men and ran in, only to see Maisie kick Johnny into the corner.


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