The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 929

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 929

Maisie’s eyes were bloodshot, and she picked up the vase on the table and was about to smash it at him.

Quincy stepped forward in time to stop her. “Mrs. Goldmnn, he’ll die if this continues.”

Maisie scoffed. “Such scums should suffer a long and painful death over and over again.” “You will get in trouble if he dies. You can’t risk that can you? Leave this person to me, and you can take care of Ms. Chase.” Quincy knew that Maisie had lost her cool. She would have smashed this scumbag to death if he had not stopped her.

Maisie finally calmed down a little. She threw the vase down, turned around, and came to Barbara’s side.

Barbara had curled herself up on the couch in the torn clothes, her body still trembling out of fear, Maisie draped her coat on her, took her out of the private room, and comforted her softly, “It’s alright, you’re fine now.” Barbara’s legs were weak, and her face still looked pallid. Although she had escaped the incident, there was still a lingering fear deep down.

Quincy’s men had subdued everyone outside the private room. Maisie took Barbara out of the karaoke lounge.

Barbara jerked Maisie’s sleeve when they got in the car. “Can you not tell him about this?”

She then added, “I don’t want to distract him.”

Maisie was stunned for a split second and understood who she was talking about. She nodded and agreed. Quincy came over from the back and handed her the phone. “Mrs. Goldmann, it’s Mr.

Goldmann.” Maisie took the phone and answered it, and Nolan’s deep voice sounded. “Are you hurt? Did Quincy protect you?” Maisie pouted. “I’m not injured. The scum is the one who’s injured. I seem to have crippled him.”

Nolan responded, “It’s okay, just let him be.”

Maisie chuckled. “I almost killed him.

Luckily, Quincy was there to stop me.”

Nolan fell silent for a moment and then said in a low voice, “Since you’ve rescued her and everything is now fine, come back.” “I’ll go back when I’m done with the aftermath.” Maisie ended the call and returned the phone to Quincy. “I’ll send her back first. Hold these men in our custody for now.”

Quincy was slightly startled. “Aren’t we going to send them to the police?” Maisie glanced at him and gave off an obscure yet gloomy smirk. “We’ll hand them over, eventually.”

Quincy shuddered as he felt that Maisie’s smirk looked a little creepy.

After sending Barbara back to her place, Maisie called Ryleigh and asked her to come over to accompany Barbara because she could not leave her alone.

Later, she returned to the karaoke lounge. Those people were detained in one of the private rooms with their hands tied behind their heads.

Several bodyguards were there watching over them while Quincy was pacing back and forth at the door. He then walked up to Maisie hesitantly when she arrived at the scene again, “Mrs. Goldmann, everyone

is inside.” Maisie pushed open the door. “Have you informed the owner of the karaoke lounge about this?” Quincy walked behind her and nodded. “I did. The owner said that he doesn’t care what we plan to do as long as no fatality is caused at the end of the day.” Maisie stopped right in front of Johnny.

Johnny was still in pain, his face looked pale, and his arrogance was long gone when there was a group of men in black standing behind her.

He did not expect a woman standing next to Barbara to have such status and identity. Since he could not afford to offend her, he could only try to make peace. “Ma’am, I… I didn’t know about the relationship between Ms. Chase and you. I’m sorry if what I did has offended you, so please let me go. I promise that I’ll never cause her any trouble again.”

Maisie walked up to the couch, sat down expressionlessly, crossed her legs, and glanced at him. “Do you even believe yourself when you say that you won’t bother her ever again?”

Johnny gnashed his teeth. “I know you’re not someone that I should trifle with. We’re both involved in the same field”

“Who’s involved in the same field as you?” Maisie smiled. “Do we look like thugs to you?”


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