The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 931

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 931

Nolan heard some noise and lifted his eyelids slightly. “I’m back.” Maisie sat down next to him, leaned her head against his shoulder, looking exhausted, and responded, “Uh-huh.” Nolan raised his hand and rubbed the top of her head. “Isn’t it over already?”

“Yeah.’ Maisie’s eyes drooped slightly, “I’ve punished them, and I seem to have become an evil person.”

He turned his head to look at her and smirked. “Then am I not evil?” Maisie rested her chin on his shoulder, looked up at him, and chuckled knowing that he was coaxing her. “Then how much do you think I’ve learned from you?” Nolan kissed her and rubbed her cheek with his palm. “You’ve given him a taste of his own medicine. You’ve done well.”

After that, Johnny was sent to the hospital. He got what he deserved as he became extremely disgusted by anything that was related to s*x-he could not even have a hard-on ever since.

Barbara did not plan to sue him after learning about his condition. Thus, she left Bussburgh after being discharged from the hospital. Maisie asked her why she would want to let him go. Barbara told her that she thought this was already the best revenge, and she did not want to cause him too much. Speaking of this, Barbara laughed. “Ryleigh has always said that I resemble you, but I’m, in fact, the weakest one among us because I get sympathetic very easily. I’ve once thought of becoming an evil person, and I even used you to help me out with my personal matters, but I’m the one who made a mess out of things in the end and had to rely on you to clean them up for me.” Maisie leaned against the window, looking out of it, but she then shifted her gaze onto Barbara’s face. “It’s not wrong to be sympathetic. At least you got to be true to yourself.”

She walked to the couch, sat down, picked up the orange on the table, and peeled it.” Since you didn’t choose to bring Ryleigh any harm back then, I knew that you wouldn’t do that to me either.” ‘Barbara used me to obtain the video from Katrina, but she didn’t set me up for anything after that. ‘She didn’t

even want to use Ryleigh, who was the closest to the Bouchers. So why would I think that Barbara would hurt me just like those who have done so before this?’

Perhaps it was precisely because she knew that Barbara’s true nature was pure and kind-that was why Maisie got to really know her, get in touch with her, and even help her.

Barbara smiled. “I could die happy now, knowing that I have you two as my friends.”

“Nobody’s going to die. That sounds so unlucky.” Maisie placed an orange segment in her mouth, chewed, and frowned due to the sourness. “Can’t you think of something better? Such as when to give birth to a baby so that I can play with that little cutie pie.” Barbara choked on her saliva and rolled her eyes. “Shouldn’t you have enough fun with those three back home?”

Maisie kept eating the oranges. “Those three are no longer adorable and fun since they’ve all grown up.”

At that moment, Ryleigh’s voice came from outside the door. “Holy sh*t! Sh*t just happened!”

The two looked over simultaneously and saw Ryleigh standing outside the door, panting. “What’s the big deal?”

Ryleigh pointed at her cell phone and said in a panic, “It’s on Twitter, Helios’ crew ran into an accident. It says that an avalanche took place on the set, and many people on the crew were injured. Helios seems to have gotten injured too.”

Barbara was startled.

Maisie stood up. “When did it happen?” Ryleigh hurriedly replied, “The news just came out. My aunt and uncle are now on their way to Coralia!”

#The crew of “A Dream From the Past” encountered an avalanche.

Helios Boucher was injured when saving the crew.

This piece of news made it into the Google Trends not long after it came out, and Helios’ fans were praying for him.

The person in charge of the crew apologized on Twitter. Because the avalanche happened too abruptly during the filming of the snow scene, they had failed to respond in time, causing a lot of people on the crew to be injured. He also updated Helios’ condition. He had gotten injured because he went back to rescue one of the actresses who was petrified and could not react on the spot.


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