The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 932

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 932

Because of the explanation from the person in charge of the production crew, many netizens praised Helios for being very brave and manly. Others were running for their lives in danger while he was thinking about others’ safety. This had caught the heart of many netizens and turned them into his fans.

The information and identity of the rescued actress were found and spread by netizens. She was a new actress who played one of the supporting roles in “The Dream From the Past”.

After finding out who she was, some haters went onto her Twitter profile and described her as someone cowardly who had caused Helios’ injury-some even compared her to a scourge. But some of the netizens who

could not stand such actions argued with those haters.

However, the newcomer suddenly received a wave of attention precisely because of these remarks. She even started to gain followers on Twitter because of this incident.

At Coralia…

The snow on the streets had been cleared, but layers of snow could still be seen collected on branches and vegetation. The passersby who walked by wrapped themselves in coats, and their pace was slow due to the slippery road.

Christina and Yael rushed to the hospital near the region where the filming crew was in after receiving the news.

“Helios.” Christina appeared outside the ward. The director and several staff members were in the ward, accompanying Helios.

Helios had a plaster cast on his left leg, and there were bruises on his forehead. Christina looked really distressed as she hurried to the bedside. “How did you get hurt so badly?”

Helios felt helpless. “Mother, I’m fine.”

“You call this fine?” Christina raised her voice and glared at the director. “Is this how your crew takes care of my son? Why did you notify me so late after something like this has happened to my son?”

Mr. Hitchcock understood that she was agitated because she wanted to protect her child and explained patiently, “Mrs. Boucher, I’m very sorry that such a thing happened to the crew. I’m to blame as I didn’t notice the sudden incident that took place back in the snowy mountain in time.” Christina wanted to say something, but Yael interrupted the conversation magnanimously. “Okay, we can’t blame the crew for this too. After all, no one could foresee such an unexpected situation,

Besides, our son isn’t the only one who got injured. Many crew members were injured as well. We should consider ourselves lucky as long as everyone came out of the disaster alive.”

Christina calmed down a lot after hearing that.

Mr. Hitchcock looked at them and said, “Mr. Boucher, Mrs. Boucher, then I’ll go and visit the other crew members first.”

Yael nodded.

After leaving, Christina sat beside the bed and looked at Helios regretfully and in distress. “Look at you. You look like you just came back from a battlefield!”

His injuries were not even as severe as they were now back when he ran into trouble on Winston Island.

Helios smiled. “It’s no big deal. I’ll be fine in a few days.” “In a few days?” Christina looked displeased. “Have you seen yourself in a mirror? Do you think everything will become fine in just a few days? You should be old enough to take care of yourself, so how did you end up in this situation?” “Okay.” Yael placed his hand on her shoulder and said rationally, “Helios got injured only because he went back to save someone else. So don’t blame him anymore.” Christina was about to say something else.


However, that was when Yael helped her up immediately. “No more huts. Helios needs a good rest now. We’ll come and see him later.”

Christina did not say anything else and walked out of the ward with Yael after giving Helios a few words of advice.

The ward was finally quiet. Helios sighed, leaned against the head of the bed, and looked out the window at the cold sky.

‘It’s been so many days, and she hasn’t contacted me since then. Sure enough, I was impulsive the other night.’

The reporters were causing congestion at the hospital entrance, and the staff of the crew had to come forward to give some explanations regarding the incident. –

The next day after the incident, Christina had been accompanying Helios in the ward when Ryleigh stuck half of her head out of the door frame. “Helios, aunty.”

Christina was flustered. “Why are you here, Ryleigh?”


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